nicki minaj pink friday 480 Is Nicki Minaj the future of Yo Culture and the London visit?

Nicki Minaj photo by RIHANNALOUD

Nicki Minaj was over in London yesterday much to the delight of screaming fans who followed her around all day. Lets just say you wouldn’t have had any trouble finding her. She’s on her Europe Pink Friday promo run and was on Capital Radio. The headline though is  her technicolour jumpsuit and fluorescent pink highly edible looking candy floss style wig which we think you could  use at Heathrow Airport as a landing beacon for the 747′s you could see it a mile off.. Lady Gaga eat your heart out?. The wigs are getting weirder the question is are the songs getting any better? The 26 year old rap star had a blast in London and rates it and hacked this down on her Twitter page during her stay:

She posted: Ugh! The London barbz r giving me life! They’re so passionate. They’re still @ the hotel. The hotel is threatening to kick me out.’

From what we can gather not a single “Yo” on her visit.

So is this the worrying future for Yo Culture. Just trying to picture Chris Brown in a Pink Afro style wig with baseball cap on top and a technicolour body suit and fluoro pink trainers. Worrying……………..very worrying!

We don’t have the pics of Minaj in london but we know a man who does:

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