Susanna Reid is always popular on this site and was a hot search on Friday the BBC News reader (molten lava hot) and for some reason the entire Google searches for this woman seemed to be coming to this site,but with the Oscars on the weekend we thought it would be wise to take no further action otherwise we would be seeing a possible server meltdown.

Now that the Oscars have passed we’ve dug deep and spotted the reason for the massive influx of Susanna Reid searches and it’s down to her in a figure hugging very non BBC style dress coupled with bear legs. “Is Susanna Reid Pregnant” was coming up in the search but as far as Google and the news wires are aware she isn’t, if there’s any further news it will be here! There’s something about newsreaders that gets everybody in a lather especially BBC ones and it seems even more especially Susanna Reid. She’s famous for crossing and uncrossing her legs and proving a total distraction to the news headlines to the extent you can’t remember what the headlines were when the show has finished. Video above of her in that dress and a whopping 8 minutes for those that are into BBC News Readers in figure hugging dresses especially if their name is Susanna Reid!

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