AshleyTisdale 4 Ashley Tisdale in the buff at Allure and other news!

Ashley Tisdale Photo by baba_yaga_wee

Ashely Tisdale the Disney Dream actress who is now 25 years of age is hitting the headlines. Seem to remember Ashley does do some very good Fake Obama Lap Dancing? We digress………. What’s she been doing recently? Apart from switching her hair colour from blonde to brunette she  is yet another star keen to shed that innocent and squeaky clean image and the best way to blow that thing up is to get your kit off and  do a nude photo shoot. This headline was setting Twitter on fire yesterday with her nude photo stuff, all tasteful of course in a moody but artistic black and white style at Allure Mag and of course, yes all done in the name of art………..what else? Or did she want the world to know YES I do have a tattoo on my back…… it is? Grab the pics at The Daily Mail.

So with Disney losing “squeaky cleans” in their droves what else has Ms Tisdale been doing?

She was spotted yesterday at Planet hollywood in New York all glammed up (fully clothed) doing some promo run stuff  for her “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” DVD/Blu-ray combination pack – which is being released on April 19th.Grab the pics below. Which squeaky clean is next?

Ashley Tisdale Promo Run Planet Hollywood photos by Getty

Photo Credit: baba_yaga_wee

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