Another song that can be tagged “at last”. Justin Biebers new song called “Boyfriend” premiered late on Thursday US time which equated to about 2am UK Time. No Thank You,  it’s headlining here at 8am!

Yes the official full length non teaser video is finally here, the misery and waiting is over and this is the first single from the upcoming album and the video was shot in LA as fans will already be aware, not that long ago either. Let’s take a closer look and put this through it’s paces.

The Video.

A now rather grown up Justin Bieber who can drive convertibles with plenty of shots of him and with supposed rather attractive girlfriend throughout (not Selena) in amorous moments saying that he’s the dream boyfriend that every girl could ever want. Justin Bieber fans will probably not disagree on that score. It’s designed to get fans in a lather, it does it well. Job done!

The Song:
A bit of an underwhelming intro that leads into a very slow paced number with laid back not trying too hard as I’m Justin Bieber vocals. It’s in a stripped bare style that seems to be in vogue these days, with limited musical components but it has a message and that message is delivered fair and square at the young female population.

Verdict. It’s not bad is it, his earlier material I would personally run a mile from, but this is listenable and a tad more grown up, he’s probably realised he’s growing up and so is his fan base, time to turn on the heat a bit more and appeal to that audience. In summary it’s a subtle and subliminal number that can stand repeated plays, it has some sort of shelf life, the mark of a half decent number.

Chart Prediction.
It’s Justin Bieber. Difficult to say with this one but with a huge feverish screaming teen fan base there’s only one place this can go, it just depends if there’s anything else bigger out there at the time, even then the bare minimum is Top 5, I’ll be shocked if it’s otherwise..The sort of star that has a fan base that can bring the I Tunes server to a standstill!

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Official Video