IMG 4057b1 533x800 Kylie Minogue and the Holy Motors Premiere London. Photos!

Kylie Minogue accepts a huge bunch of flowers from a fan at the Holy Motors Premiere in London. Photo FJ

Holy Motors had it’s premiere last night which again was a smaller more intimate affair. The film stars Dennis Lavant and and Edith Scob. The film also features such big names as Kylie Minogue and Eva Mendes and is directed by the French Director Leos Carax. Hence the media interest and why yours truly decided to have a look. This film is getting good reviews as it’s one of those “out of the box” type of films!

Further event details and photos below.

Film Premiere:  Holy Motors

Date:  September 18th 2012

Start:  Listed as 5.30pm actual was 5.45pm

Venue:  Curzon Cinema

Location:  Curzon St, Mayfair London W1

Stars Expected?  Kylie Minogue and Director

Stars unable to attend?  Eva Mendes

Weather:  Bright and Sunny but venue in complete shade.

Crowds: About 50-60 and more press, photogs and live broadcasters, PR and Security a smallish premiere

Photo Spot:  Located directly in front of entrance to cinema opposite the photogs and next to a live broadcaster. In some ways the best place and some ways the worst.

How did Kylie look?  On the money!

Camera: Nice lightweight DSLR setup of a Canon 30D and 50mm lens rigged up press style

Flash: Yes Balanced and Manual Mode

Camera Mode:  Manual

Shoot Duration.  About 35 minutes!

Holy Motors Film Premiere Gallery

 Kylie Minogue and the Holy Motors Premiere London. Photos!


Photo Licencing:  All photos copyright and are reduced quality samples from originals. Full size Raw files are available from this event on request!