IMG 5224a 494x800 Cameron Diaz and the Gambit World Premiere, London. Photos

Cameron Diaz at the Gambit World Premiere in London. Photos: Frank J

The Gambit Premiere was held last night at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square in London and this film stars Cameron Diaz, Academy Award Winner Colin Firth (The Kings Speech) along with Alan Rickman. Some big names here and the crowds came out in force for this one. A large ad in the Metro paper also raised this premieres profile considerably.

The headline goes to Cameron Diaz as she seemed to steal the show in a black and white ensemble driving the crowds which were pretty large by 6pm into a frenzy as shown in the photo above. cont

IMG 5240a 566x800 Cameron Diaz and the Gambit World Premiere, London. Photos

Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth in front of the press area at the Gambit World Premiere in London

Further film premiere details and gallery below.

Event: The Gambit World Premiere at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London

Date: 7 November 2012

Time: Arrivals billed at 6pm but started about 15 minutes late. See Problems!

Guest List:
Alan Rickman, Anthony Costa, Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth, Jamelia, Jimmy Carr, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Simon Webbe, Tom Courtenay

Weather:  Grey, overcast a bit breezy and cool with a few woolly hats in the crowd

Press Photogs: Estimate of 30 plus. They were right up the other end in front of the cinema entrance.

Crowds: About 300 increasing to about 500 nearer the kick off time, it was starting to look a bit manic and it was getting cramped.

Problems: no camera problems BUT at around 6pm just as the stars were about to arrive, one of the crowd passed out directly in front of me, she then got up satying she was alright and then 2 minutes later blacked out again and was lying out cold on the ground in the  cold. I kid you not!

Not knowing what to do I shouted at the Security and they got a medical official and got her out of the crowd to get treatment. She was fine once out of the crowd. …………………It’s going to be one of those nights!

Red Carpet Colour: Usual Red

Film Release Date: Gambit is scheduled for a UK release of November 21st

Position: An interesting one and a first and that’s behind the wheelchair area but in the crowds.. Second row back with short people and no autograph hunters in front this would give an uninterrupted view of the stars about 5 or 6 feet away ( people in wheelchairs tend to sit down). That’s if the stars decide to visit the wheelchair area. It’s not a cert so there’s some risk involved here. A bit of a gamble but I’m feeling lucky.

Had to move from that spot later in the premiere to track down Cameron to get some more shots though.

Arrived: 4pm thinking I was early which proved to be wrong as there were barriers up, funky music and a crowd of 100 or so hogging the good spots and the red carpet was already down. Not a good start.

Left: About 7pm

Shots: About 120 photos and about 90 keepers which is 75% on the money. Not bad for shooting within the crowd. Of those 120 about 40 were of Cameron Diaz trying to nail a decent shot. She was tricky one to shoot from the crowd.

Camera: Canon 30d with the usual 50mm f1.8 in Aperture Priority

Format: JPEG only throughout and no RAW

Flash: Yes manual 1/4 power with settings of f5.6 to f8 at 1/250 shutter. The event was well lit and some people were managing to get shots without flash. Whether they were any good on a computer screen is another thing?

Photographer: Frank J

Photo Licencing: All photos property and Copyright Frank J- Famefad

Photo Quality: All photos are pretty much as is, out of camera but reduced in size and quality and merely lightly cropped, slightly lightened or darkened or any red eye removed if for some reason it wasn’t done properly in camera. The originals are held here and are many times larger.

Gambit World Premiere Gallery

 Cameron Diaz and the Gambit World Premiere, London. Photos