Ellie Goulding at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 London. Archive Photo Frank John for famefad.com

Ellie Goulding IMG GWOTYA13 Ellie Goulding and Fame Fad in September?

Ellie Goulding at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 London. Archive Photo © Frank John for famefad.com

After a quiet August what will be happening in September in Fame Fad? Further news on that below.

Photo above is Ellie Goulding (looking very good) at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards held early June this year,  just arriving at the event. Can’t remember what I said on the night to get her attention after literally just getting out of the car ( a knee jerk reaction shot) but a good shot none the less………………..1 second later she was gone with a last look over her shoulder (another shot)………she  didn’t hang around to have her photo taken by the other photogs and headed straight in.  She’s currently at No1 in the charts with her latest single BURN which has beat off names such as Lady Gaga in the process. That’s something.  A lot of talent here with her soft husky tones…………very unique vocals…..impressed is not the word………..hence her headline photo for this article!

Back to normal at Fame Fad for September. 2 film premieres in the first week of September including Diana portrayed by Naomi Watts which is already causing a stir pre release. Stirrings in Diva land also with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga due to appear at the Itunes Festivals at the Roundhouse in Camden which means they will be in town. Cheryl Cole and her new Rose tats causing a media stir are currently recording a new album, should be things happening  there soon as well.  Awards season kicks off also with some events in the pipeline.

Other news

Full Length Shots

After having a look around the site, currently the emphasis is on portrait and head shots but this will be changing with more emphasis on full length shots or fashion shots especially with the female stars (basically to get the clogs) but head shots and portraits will still feature strongly as that’s my thing. Looking at a new decent wider angle lens to achieve that aim (not cheap) as the current lens collection is not great for full length shots when stars are 3-6 feet away which is becoming increasingly the norm these days. Asking a star to take 4 steps backwards as I don’t have a wide angle zoom lens er  doesn’t really cut it…………. especially with the A listers.

Photo Updates

Previously photos were released the following day for an event but some weeks prior to August photos were released within 2 hours of the event on a trial basis. From September onwards this will be the new norm with photos from an event released within 1-2 hours after the event to rival the major photo wire services.

Notting Hill Carnival.

Was there last year, this year is a No show from me. Search on this site for last years pics, doubt if this year will be any different in photo terms!

1 Direction Premiere

Did promise to be at the 1 direction premiere for  photos. I was there with everything but the kitchen sink but couldn’t get in (tried every trick in the book). Heard the screaming, saw the tears, saw the crowds,  heard the Security guards shouting “You in the purple dress stop climbing and  get down of the security screening”  (8ft high). It was chaos worse than the final Twilight premiere. All I can say is Directioners 1 Fame Fad Nil

Should be back late this week if not def very early Sept at one of the premiere’s

As always watch for further news and of course more amazing? celebrity pics!