Ultra Close Up of Penelope Cruz at The Counselor Premiere London.  Photo: Frank John for Famefad.com

IMG 1006b The 57th BFI London Film Festival and Fame Fad in October News!

Ultra Close Up of Penelope Cruz at The Counselor Premiere London. Photo: © Frank John for Famefad.com

The BFI London Film festival starts next week with the first day being on Wednesday 9 October and the closing day being 20 October. It’s BIG!

Fame Fad will be there but not at all the events, but the most important ones will be covered and a couple of the smaller ones that could prove interesting. Tom Hanks and Kate Winslet in particular……….rain or shine………….I will be there! As far as I know Penelope Cruz is not there…………but you never know?

Photo of Penelope Cruz at the Counselor Premiere this week above. Used as the headline shot for this article…………had a few regrets not including it in the Counselor Premiere blog article. It is a cracker and needs to be showcased on the front page of this site and not buried as an also ran. She was 2 feet in front of me, so close you can hear her breathe. Surreal stuff…………will never forget that moment. The words “My God” were muttered whilst looking at the picture on the camera seconds later!

The London Film fest this year features 235 films from 57 countries. Films include Space Odysey “Gravity” featuring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Philomena starring Judie Dench a Harvey Weinstein production also features. 12 Years a Slave by Steve McQueen and Inside Llewyn Davies by Joel and Ethan Coen starring Carey Mulligan and Oscar Isaac . Labor Day with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet. The opener Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.That’s the tip of the iceberg!

There is also a pre event called The Lumionous Gala hosted by Johnathan Ross and takes place on Tuesday 8 October. Not sure if I can make that one but watch for updates regardless.

More details on the 57th BFI London Film Festival at the BFI Website


Fame Fad in October News

Updates: From now until Christmas is the busy season with the London Film festival dominating in October and other big premieres appearing on the run up to Christmas. Updates are normally 1-4 per week but will be at the upper end of that spectrum………..maybe more.

Paparazzi: A lot of interest in the pap style pics and more will be appearing on the site in the future with a planned 50/50 split between pap photos and those of the red carpet variety including Awards Events and Film Premieres. Currently don’t really have the lens for pap work as it’s more designed for portraits (80mm) and not full length shots (wide angle really needed) but that is being looked into at present but the lens has to be good and good isn’t cheap.. Getting a full length pap style shot at 3 feet away with an 80mm lens is never going to happen no matter how good you are!

Photo Release Times: Currently running at between 1-2 hours after the actual event (depending on size) which in press terms is still pedestrian. This will probably tighten a little at the tail end of 2013 and in 2014 some form of wireless shooting scenario is being looked into pretty much what the press use which means the photos appear much quicker. Currently being investigated but that is big money. This game isn’t about how good your pictures are although of course it helps……….it’s about how fast you can get those pictures out there. Something being looked into for 2014.

Waffle: Due to the above and trying to get photos out as quick as poss it reduces the amount of time that is available to add a few words. As I’m constantly in the position of meeting a lot of stars face to face or camera to face, a few sentences may be added to say what it was like meeting said star as each one is different but it will be short. Just adds another angle to the site. Things like the stars mood, vibe, aura, what they said, (normally nothing)  that sort of thing……….something you may not get from an actual photograph.

Sourcing: Celebrity info on the interent is great, celebrity info from sources not on the internet though is where it’s at. Currently get bombarded with information on who’s where and doing what when but any information from other sources is also appreciated. Currently being looked into? Maybe a DM via Twitter or something similar?

Rumblings:  Rihanna and Britney Spears have both released new controversial single videos so rumblings will be on the way soon and of course if they are in London, time will be devoted to get a photo or two but these two are difficult to get just like someone like Katy Perry which fortunately Lady Luck shone on me when I decided to track her down. Keep an eye out in the next month or so!