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IMG 8938b Status Quo and The Bula Quo Premiere London. Arrival Photos

Francis Rossi of Status Quo at the Bula Quo Premiere in London Photo: © Frank John for Famefad.com

Status Quo had their film premiere called Bula Quo at the Odeon West End in Leicester Square on Monday Night 1st July with a FIJI style look with lots of shouting, flames and grass skirts and a choir?.

The film is billed as an action adventure comedy in which Status Quo Rocking All Over The World  witnesses a gang murder in Fiji. They flee with crucial evidence; have they played their last gig?

The film stars Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Jon Lovitz, Craig Fairbrass and Laura Aikman.

Trailer:  Video

Guest list included Chris Tarrant, Goldy Notay, Lizzie Cundy (presenting) , Vanessa Feltz, Cheryl Baker, Uriah Heap and more

Bula Quo Premiere Flash Gallery  after the JUMP. Gallery Link for mobile Users


angelina jolie IMG 7912b Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the World War Z World Premiere London.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the background at The World War Z World Premiere London  Photo: Frank John for Famefad.com

The World War Z World Premiere was held in Leicester Square this Sunday afternoon on 2 June. Don’t normally shoot on the weekends but things like the BAFTA’s or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in town…. you just have to make exceptions.

With an extensive guest list including the main star of the film Brad Pitt accompanied by of course Angelina Jolie who is not in this production but came to offer her support on the day. Names at the red carpet event included other cast members and guests including Adam Pitts, Chris Wolstenholme, Daniella kertesz, Dexter Fletcher, Dominic Howard, Joel Peat, John Gordon Sinclair, Kimberly Wyatt, Marc Forster, Matthew Bellamy, Mireille Enos, Natasha Bedingfield, Peter Capaldi and Thomas Howes.

The attitude for shooting this event from within the crowds was if I get anything at all half decent it will be a result, but in reality wasn’t expecting that much due to the names involved here and the resulting crowds and the fact I got there about a mere couple of hours before the premiere started.

For some reason the above photo grabs the headline for me with Angelina Jolie in the foreground and Brad Pitt watching over the proceedings of me taking a photo of her in the background. No direct eye contact from either of them, but they are there and nothing is being said but a lot is being said by their actions in front of my camera.  A possible silent nod of approval in  my direction.

There’s just something about this photo I can’t put my finger on, that makes it stand out, an intimate moment sort of shot amidst the chaos of a film premiere scenario. Something a bit different. This was a Brad Pitt night but with the recent health news surrounding Jolie the above  photo sort of sums up that life headlines and health are sometimes more important than a film which becomes secondary.

In summary managed to get a few decent shots more than what was expected anyway..

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IMG 7291b The Fast and Furious 6 Premiere London. Arrival Photos

Close up of Paul Walker at the Fast and Furious 6 Premiere London. Photo Frank John for Famefad.com

The Fast and Furious 6 Premiere was held last night at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square and stars in attendance included the cast of the film with Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Jordana Bewster, Luke Evans, Tyrese Gibson and many more.

The title of this article should read  ”Hair Tearing Adventure 2″ or “Having a Photographic Bad Hair Day Part 6″. Intrigued……. Read on?

Headline shot is Paul Walker one of the main stars of Fast and Furious 6 who seemed happy to have a few candid shots  taken. All the Vin Diesel shots were taken 25-50 mtrs away. He never came over to what turned out to be a celebrity cold spot of epic Siberian proportions where I was standing. Never saw any of the female stars close up which was a major downer  especially for a huge Michelle Rodriguez fan…….as in me!


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IMG 0069b The Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere London. Photos

Dakota Blue Richards arrives at the Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. Long range shot. Photo Frank John for Famefad.com

The Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere was held at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square last night ( 2 May) and most of the cast were in attendance including Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve plus an extensive guest list to add more electricity to the already electric proceedings.

Really was hoping for a ” Beam Me Up Scotty” style arrival, but the more traditional Mercs with blacked out windows it was.

Photo of the night for me is without a doubt Dakota Blue Richards. Why? She caught my eye  as she arrived (photo above). She had time for my camera ( a nano second granted see in gallery below), gave eye contact, she was looking on the money and had a beautiful smile. This will always trump it, grab the headline and win the day on this site. Even in preference to the main cast of the film regardless of who they are……..Hollywood A-listers on film billboards and posters or not!

Some what I call arty creatively blurred photos below.

Further film and event details gallery after the jump. (more…)

IMG 7004b Steve Coogan and The Look of Love Premiere at the Curzon Cinema Soho London. Photos

Steve Coogan at The Look of Love Film Premiere in London

The Look of Love Film Premiere was held at the Curzon Cinema in Soho on Monday Night 15 April. Essentially a film about the life and times of Paul Raymond who ruled Soho back in the day. A small event at a small venue but the crowds turned out for this one.

Guests at the event included Anna Friel, Tamsin Egerton, Steve Coogan (plays Paul Raymond), Michael Winterbottom (Director), Barbara Broccoli, Sarah Solemani, James Lance and more.

Film Details:

The life of Paul Raymond, the controversial entrepreneur who became Britain’s richest man. Curently on 6.3/10  Info courtesy IMDB

Release Date:

To be released in the UK on April 26th


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jessica wright IMG 6823b Jessica Wright and Guest Arrivals at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London. Photos

Jessica Wright at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London

The Olympus Has Fallen Premiere was buzzing the BFI IMAX last night 3 April in London with it’s European Premiere and there was an extensive guest list for this event.

With the main action centred around the films leads of Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler the female stars had to pull the stops out to ensure they shone as brightly as the Eckhart and Butler combo.

Guest on the night included The Voice Finalist Bo Bruce, Gabriella Ellis, Jessica-Jane Clement, Labrinth, Lydia Rose Bright, Matt Johnson, Natalie Pinkham, Sophie Turner and Swayamongst others.

Difficult to pull a headliner out of this collection of guest arrivals but Jessica Wright seemed to do it for us here on the night with Frankie Essex raising a few eyebrows and warming up a chilly night.

Full gallery of the Guest Arrivals at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London 


IMG 6879b Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London. Photos

Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London

The Olympus Has Fallen European Premiere was held last night at the BFI IMAX Cinema and two of the 3 main stars wee in attendance at the event including Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler> Morgan Freeman also stars in this film but was unable to attend.

Film Details:
Disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers. Information courtesy IMDB

Rating:  Currently 7.2/10

UK Release : 17 April

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IMG 6658b Trance World Premiere London. Photos

Danny Boyle, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel, James McAvoy share a laugh on the red carpet at the Trance World Premiere London

The World Premiere of Trance was held last night at the Odeon West End and this is a Danny Boyle directed film. Famous for films such as his multi award winning Slumdog Millionaire and not forgetting one of my faves Trainspotting along with the infamous London 2012 Olympics spectacle, this is Danny Boyles  latest outing. The film is about a British Auctioneer that gets tangled up with people with criminal inclinations with a hypnotherapist thrown into the mix  with some interesting results.

The premiere was a small to mid sized event and proved to be good on the night for red carpet shots. Needless to say a certain photographer with celebrity inclinations was there screaming his head off like some lunatic on speed! This was a personal and photographic visit as I do rate Danny Boyle highly!

Guests at the event included most of the main cast along with other guests with names such as Danny Boyle, Dexter Fletcher, James Buckley, James McAvoy, Tuppence Middleton, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel and Zara Martin.

Without a doubt Rosario Dawson stole the show on the night with a shimmering long red dress that matched the red carpet perfectly. Got to say I was impressed.

Trance has it’s UK release on 27 March. Results of my screaming, charm? and photographic skills??  below!

Trance World Premiere Gallery