Celebrity biography and profile details of the stars featuring the latest news, photos, videos and links to further information and websites that shed more light on the celebrity concerned giving you an inside track to see what they are all about.

Featuring lesser known and rising stars right up to the serious A listers. Features social network  connections including Facebook and Twitter if they are active on those social sites and also official websites where and when available.

A lot of stars have websites and active Twitter and Facebook pages but a lot do not for various reasons such as privacy or maybe socialising with fans is just not their thing or they don’t have the time or just let the media do it for them.

With the increasing number of fake social network accounts out there just typing in a stars name say at the end of say Twitter.com/ may not bring the desired result and connect you to the star concerned. Sometimes you hit a squat page, a pretender or fake or maybe a page that is being used for something completely different just capitalising on that celebrity name and the star power it can bring to anything.

Fame Fad Celebrity Profiles  aims to connect you to stars that are actually on Twitter or Facebook, normally these are confirmed with a Verfied symbol. It is personally known though that rising stars, stars temporarily out of the spotlight or ex stars with say 10-50K followers that have no verfied symbol, it is actually them, these have been included in the celebrity profiles that feature at Fame Fad.

Biographies are condensed shortened versions normally career focused and further extensive details are normally available via a wiki for the star concerned and a link to IMDB is included with each profile again where available. Photos and videos feature a broad cross section including studio shots, magazine covers, paparazzi, red carpet and general photos and videos with interviews and other video footage where available including music and film footage..

Official websites are also included, not all stars have them for obvious reasons but most of the prominent ones do either themselves off their own back or as part of a film or music company or label or they are run in their name by a promo or pr company either external or internal. If the star doesn’t have an official website then a prominent fan site of decent quality is included or in addition,  as some of these fan sites can be better than the official site concerned as they may not have as busy a schedule as the star the fan site portrays and hence updates are more frequent..

Finally the latest news coming out for the celebrity on the Fame Fad site via category and celebrity tags and also via Google which is updated constantly 24/7 with the latest celebrity headlines, gossip and developments as they happen in real time available via the RSS link of the celebrity profile page.