The latest news for Fame Fad in February 2015 including behind the scenes.

No photo of the month this month as only 1 event was attended last month with Emily Blunt and James Corden being the only celebrities photographed.Not much point duplicating Emily Blunt again.

February will be a quiet month this month as I’m tied up elsewhere and also working on my new website which seems to be getting a lot of interest. Also it’s no joke standing around waiting for celebrities in this weather. I’m a hard nut but I’m not a fruit cake.

So what’s happening at Fame Fad in February?

BAFTAS 7 January. If the weather is OK I may be there but will be after candid shots but not from the crowds. Hit rate will be low but anything that I do get should be interesting. If there’s a hint of rain or snow I will not be there.

London Fashion Week 20-24 February. Again subject to weather I will be there in a celebrity and also fashion photographer capacity. If I see any celebrities then of course they will be here.

If you’re interested in fashion and nothing much is happening at Fame Fad during February you can get me over at Twitter @fjgirls