Latest news at Fame Fad and behind the scenes for March 2015 with a look back at February and the highlights and a look forward to what will be happening in March.

Photo of the Month February 2015 Tamara Ecclestone family shot including her baby.

Why do I like this shot? It’s basically a family snap taken on the move before the steps of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which was the staging area for the Julien MacDonald event at London Fashion Week. Celebrity babies are a tricky thing to photogragh but the parents are happy about being snapped and happy to have their child pictured as well. Even the baby looks to be enjoying the light show in front from the paps. Very difficult to get these sort of intimate shots and these photos are special and don’t come along too often hence it’s top billing here

Tamara Ecclestone at London Fashion Week AW 15 Day 2  at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Second fave shot is Ella Eyre arriving at the same event posing for a portrait style shot, with some of the general public trying to get her photo in the background. Got some full length shots of Ella coming up the stairs and also near her car on arrival but this shot seems to have something going on more than the others

Ella Eyre at London Fashion Week AW 15 Day 2 at the Foreign And Commonwealth Office

Third photo fave is Michelle Keegan on the first day of London Fashion Week at Somerset House leaving the Jasper Conran event. Got loads of shots of her but this close up shot with a strange hand motion and the empty drinks carton in the background stood out in my opinion. Is she waving or just showing her ring or is she showing some nifty finger moves?

Michelle Keegan arrives at London Fashion Week AW15

Michelle Keegan leaving  London Fashion Week AW15

What’s happening March at Fame Fad. March will be an open book and a mystery month. Events are on, celebs will as always be around but this month the updates will be left in the hands of that thing that nobody can control called the weather.

If spring looks to be just around the corner and the weather looks to be lifting off it’s winter lows, updates will be here. March is a tricky month and the Siberian weather could return or the daffodils outside the window where I’m writing this just maybe right and better weather is on the way.

In summary there may be 1 or 2 updates in March or there could be a dozen. Normal service should resume April.

PHOTO STYLE. Have been doing a lot of reading of photography masters, looked at thousands of photos and watched numerous videos. It’s something I do every winter. Whether this has any effect on my photographic style remains to be seen. It’s something all good photographers do otherwise your standard of photography doesn’t progress to higher levels and remains static.

TYPES OF EVENTS. Getting picky on the events that will be covered. My style is increasingly leaning towards very close and intimate shots with what I call a connection as in plenty of eye contact. Events nowadays are chosen to maximise on this situation. Here’s some events in February that were not covered and the reason why?

BAFTAS: Weather was cold but fine but the lack of Hollywood heavyweight names this year = a no show from me.

BRIT AWARDS: Some names were there including the now infamous Madonna but the venue is not the best.

ELLE STYLE AWARDS: Great event and one that I definetly would attend but it clashed with the last day of London Fashion Week. Had a stack of photos that had to be uploaded and edited so time was an issue. A tablet would have resolved this issue. Something that is seriously being looked into.

MOBILE PICS: A first for this website is photos via my mobile. First one went live just after LFW and looks like it generated interest. Could be used for behind the scenes shots, candid shots even video or anything else. Obviously the photo quality will not be as good as from the DSLR but whatever is taken can be uploaded within seconds.

That’s it for the March News. As always keep up to date with the latest developments at the Fame Fad Twitter @famefad