Jamie Oliver arrives at BAFTA HQ on Piccadilly in Central London. Photo: Frank John for Famefad.com

IMG 0601b Jamie Oliver and Celebrity Spotting Piccadilly, London. Photos.

Jamie Oliver arrives at BAFTA HQ on Piccadilly in Central London. Photo: © Frank John for Famefad.com

What initially started as a celebrity spotting session at ITV Studios on the Southbank (Surprise Surprise) ended up as a celebrity spotting session on Piccadilly at BAFTA HQ where an event was going on and apparently a few stars would be turning up thanks to a tip from a grapher (see pic)

Dexter Fletcher was first to arrive, followed by names such as Samantha Barks (Les Miserables), David Tennant, Mark Strong and Jamie Oliver and more. Missed Victoria Pendleton!! Missed her getting out of the car (had her hair different) , stood at the entrance and she was staring back on the stairs as if to say “are you going to take a picture or not” then she was gone? That’s the way it goes in this game…………you can’t win them all!

Gone for Jamie Oliver on the night as the headline shot but the Samantha Barks shots are on the money.

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Pixie Lott arrives at LFW SS14 at the Julian Macdonald Event in Central London. Photo: Frank John for Famefad.com

IMG 0271b Pixie Lott and Day 2 at LFW SS14. Julien Macdonald Event Celebrity Arrival Photos.

Pixie Lott arrives at LFW SS14 at the Julien Macdonald Event in Central London. Photo: Frank John © for Famefad.com

Loads of events on Saturday for LFW SS14 Day 2 on Saturday. Thought sod Somerset House after Friday and decided to take a gamble on the Julien Macdonald event held at The Goldsmiths Hall in the City and get away from the main throng. Know this venue very well as have been inside it in the past… it’s a very celebby venue and very posh and swanky. Strong gut and decent info said this could be the place to be. Arrived at 1pm. No photogs?????. 1.05pm one extra photog that worked for the press arrived so had some company and a natter and then a couple of stars arrived. Paradise! 1.20pm 5 paps on scooters arrived and the rest as they say is history………… it then went into meltdown as more and more paps arrived. Celeb city it was and rugby match it was as well.

Some shots taken with no flash, some with flash, some are arrivals, some are departures. A smattering of full lengths, some fuller length shots (3/4), portraits and more plus plenty of candid stuff instead of the smiling statue syndrome. Surprised to get anything at all as it was chaos! Some names here including Pixie Lott, Zara Martin, Anna Kendrick (Twilight), Katie Melua and more and more! An arty shot of Anna Kendrick with split lighting also included? Fur, Lace, all the colours under the rainbow, ripped stuff, hats and the rest.  Hair up. hair down, hair all over the place. A fashionista paradise.

Pixie Lott grabs the headline. Why? Nice look and eye contact but it was close with Zara Martin and Delilah providing some serious competition and Paloma Faith as ever turning quite a few heads!

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angelina jolie IMG 7912b Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the World War Z World Premiere London.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the background at The World War Z World Premiere London  Photo: Frank John for Famefad.com

The World War Z World Premiere was held in Leicester Square this Sunday afternoon on 2 June. Don’t normally shoot on the weekends but things like the BAFTA’s or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in town…. you just have to make exceptions.

With an extensive guest list including the main star of the film Brad Pitt accompanied by of course Angelina Jolie who is not in this production but came to offer her support on the day. Names at the red carpet event included other cast members and guests including Adam Pitts, Chris Wolstenholme, Daniella kertesz, Dexter Fletcher, Dominic Howard, Joel Peat, John Gordon Sinclair, Kimberly Wyatt, Marc Forster, Matthew Bellamy, Mireille Enos, Natasha Bedingfield, Peter Capaldi and Thomas Howes.

The attitude for shooting this event from within the crowds was if I get anything at all half decent it will be a result, but in reality wasn’t expecting that much due to the names involved here and the resulting crowds and the fact I got there about a mere couple of hours before the premiere started.

For some reason the above photo grabs the headline for me with Angelina Jolie in the foreground and Brad Pitt watching over the proceedings of me taking a photo of her in the background. No direct eye contact from either of them, but they are there and nothing is being said but a lot is being said by their actions in front of my camera.  A possible silent nod of approval in  my direction.

There’s just something about this photo I can’t put my finger on, that makes it stand out, an intimate moment sort of shot amidst the chaos of a film premiere scenario. Something a bit different. This was a Brad Pitt night but with the recent health news surrounding Jolie the above  photo sort of sums up that life headlines and health are sometimes more important than a film which becomes secondary.

In summary managed to get a few decent shots more than what was expected anyway..

Film Details, Cast, Trailer and Gallery (more…)

IMG 7432b Olivia Coleman and the 2013 BAFTA TV Awards London. Arrivals Photos

The BAFTA TV Awards were held last night at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank in Central London and the stars and the weather turned out for this one along with some Daleks.

Olivia Coleman was the headline picking up two gongs at the event and the weather was the other with “umbrellas” being one of the first words to spring to mind when describing this red carpet spectacular event. David Walliams came with a dog that looked very similar to Pudsey?


Winners list, behind the scenes, guest list and gallery below after the jump: (more…)

IMG 7291b The Fast and Furious 6 Premiere London. Arrival Photos

Close up of Paul Walker at the Fast and Furious 6 Premiere London. Photo Frank John for Famefad.com

The Fast and Furious 6 Premiere was held last night at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square and stars in attendance included the cast of the film with Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Jordana Bewster, Luke Evans, Tyrese Gibson and many more.

The title of this article should read  ”Hair Tearing Adventure 2″ or “Having a Photographic Bad Hair Day Part 6″. Intrigued……. Read on?

Headline shot is Paul Walker one of the main stars of Fast and Furious 6 who seemed happy to have a few candid shots  taken. All the Vin Diesel shots were taken 25-50 mtrs away. He never came over to what turned out to be a celebrity cold spot of epic Siberian proportions where I was standing. Never saw any of the female stars close up which was a major downer  especially for a huge Michelle Rodriguez fan…….as in me!


Film Details and Behind the Scenes plus gallery below (more…)

IMG 7053b The Evening with Chickenshed Theatre Event Southbank, London. Arrivals Photos

Kelly Brook arrives and wows at the Evening with Chickenshed Theatre Event at the ITV Studios

The Evening With Chickenshed was held at the ITV Studios on the Southbank last night in central London on 16 May and this event was all about the Chickenshed Theatre in Southgate North London and the stars turned out for this event.

With names in attendance including Arlene Phillips, Christopher Biggins, Gizzi Erskine, Kate Silverton, Kelly Brook, Lorraine Kelly, Myleene Klass and Susie Amy, Ashleigh Butler and her famous dog Pudsey and not forgetting Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli and more.

Press were at back at the reception area and the fans were at the front. After a quick briefing from the PR on what the event was all about  (pass this theatre on the way home everynight). Further details about the theatre at http:chickenshed.org.uk  it was then off to the  50 yard  Fame Fad Photographic Celebrity reception area with just one other photog as company to get the stars warmed and keep them company  pre press shoot. Gone with Kelly Brook for the headline but it was a close call with Myleene, Gizzi, Ashleigh and Susie Amy all looking pretty much on the money. Absolute bliss. Fashionista heaven results below.


The Evening with Chickenshed Theatre Event London Arrivals Gallery (more…)

IMG 6733b Rod Stewart and Celebrity Spotting London. Photos

Rod Stewart visited Radio 2 in Central London today to be interviewed about his latest album release

Some paparazzi style photos taken in Central London today 21 March.

Rod Stewart visited Radio 2 in Central London today to be interviewed about his new album release the first from him in 11 years and comes hot on the tails of his recent autobiography. If David Bowie can make a comeback why not Rod? . Other celebrities spotted included Steve Strange lead singer of the 80s group Visage and TV Presenter and radio Personality Claudia Winkleman.

Celebrity Spotting 21 March 2013 at Radio 2 Gallery (more…)

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