The latest news from the Fame Fad celebrity photo website for August 2015

Photo of the Month July 2015

Photo of the Month Ella Eyre City Rd for Emporio Armani Nokia Mobile

Photo of the Month Ella Eyre City Rd, London for Emporio Armani Nokia Mobile

The only picture I took in July. A suitably dark but incredibly good picture of rising star Ella Eyre. A picture which brings us nicely onto the bombshell news.

Fame Fad News August 2015

This was initially going to be a 1 liner or at most 1 paragraph news announcement but you soon realise people need reasons and explanations for radical decisions. Especially when there are a lot of people involved. You can’t say that in one line or a paragraph. So this is the long version.

Let me explain. A road sign, small and distant initially has been for the past year or so pointing in a certain direction for me, and has been acknowledged but ignored with a shrug of the shoulders and a “I’m going this way” attitude. Through a recent course of bizarre events this road sign has become so large and powerfully illuminated with huge flashing neon lights, it’s been finally realised this is the direction I HAVE to go. I realise now I have no choice in the matter. It’s not debatable.

SO after much careful consideration over the last couple of months it has been decided there will be no further updates on this website as a result, to focus on this new direction. This, Fame Fad website, what I’m now calling a “project” of 3 years duration, in my opinion has reached its completion and conclusion and the road has reached it’s end. A dead end in fact. Just like a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, you have to let go and move onto pastures new and follow that road sign. They don’t come very often, if at all.

Where it leads I have absolutely no idea. All I know is, that is the direction I have to go.

All associated websites such as Flickr, You Tube, Photoshelter, Tumblr and Twitter will also have no further updates as a result. This is not a temporary but a permanent state of affairs. I have to close this door in order to open the new one. There is no halfway house here.

The and associated websites will still be available in present form and will form a live archive collection of my celebrity photo work. You could say it is a study of fame and celebrity life and events and the entertainment industry in London during 2012-2015. May even produce a book from this material with some stories of which I have many. I also have some unique celebrity photos in storage that have never seen the light of day for various reasons that would make an interesting book in their own right. Some will never be published though, they will be just a personal thing between me and the celebrity concerned for whatever that reason may be.

So Fame Fad is not dead, far from it, but it will live on in a different way and I think in better and far superior and deeper more meaningful forms.

If I ever did come back to the celebrity game, and it is a game, it would be intimate 1 on 1 stuff, just me and the celebrity and no event officials, no paparazzi or press, no screaming fans or graphers. Just me and the star and that’s it. Photos at home, work, studio, dressing room, on set….that sort of thing. Real grass roots stuff with the emphasis on REAL.  If that ever did happen it would appear at and not at Fame Fad. Don’t hold your breath on that one but it’s a pipe dream I’ve had from day one and the way my work was heading in it’s latter stages. I produce my best work  on my own, that I know for sure!

Back to Fame Fad and the way forward from today. All photos are still viewable and available for purchase online. All contact forms and feeds will remain as they are and function as normal. In summary I’m not pulling the plug on the website, certainly not in 2015 and it will probably be around for years to come. It may even change format as more of a showcase instead of a rather dull events in chronological order sort of thing, but the hard fact remains there will be no further updates on this website. That is FACT.

One of my new projects is at which is a pipe dream that is manifesting itself in the real world and seems to be proving head scratchingly popular. Not much in celebrity terms on that website. Not exactly (on the surface) deep subject matter either (basically photos of women walking down the road?). Dig deeper though and their is a whole different agenda going on. Fashion is just a vehicle or a shop window to bring that agenda into being. If truth be known it’s not even about fashion it’s about my favourite subject “women”. This looks to be a tip of the iceberg website that will give rise to some other new offshoot deeper documentary style projects (nothing to do with fashion) which are in the pipeline as a result of this website and will be a radical departure from what I’ve done before.

Where I’m heading, not many have gone before. Maybe a few of the masters from the past. Unlike the Celebrity and Entertainment Industry and Photo Journalism which is saturated with photographers and is a well worn and known and well beaten path. A rather large machete and industrial torch is required where I’m heading and no one but myself will be there. It will be a lonely but potentially highly rewarding journey, or there maybe nothing at the other end.

These projects will probably be in film (analogue) format (have recently acquired film slr and rangefinder cameras and associated gear that are 100% mechanical and don’t even need a battery) and the photos will be hard copy real world and not available in any electronic/digital form. Hence film, it’s a medium that slows you down and is a sod to digitise and get online. Good for deep projects.. What’s not online is unknown, not seen, hard to copy and steal, you could say it also makes it intrinsically more valuable as a result. These projects will be done in a Vivian Maier manner. Anybody who knows that name and her story will know what I’m getting at. You could say this is in no uncertain terms “A Calling”. Again these sort of things don’t happen very often in a lifetime, if at all.

All these projects have nothing to do with fame or celebrities or the entertainment industry, the polar opposite in fact, so probably will not be of interest to most here. Some will be, to put it mildly…. quite unglamorous and ordinary, not really the sort of thing you put on social media. Banal is the word that springs to mind here, but turning that banality into something magnificent. A supreme photographic challenge. No miserable cats or selfies here though!

In summary this radical change in direction, is not about website popularity or hits and fame. It’s not about Twitter followers and retweets or Facebook or Instagram likes. It’s not even about the money. It never was. These new projects are beyond all that, it’s about a deeper creative calling and a radical change of direction you could say? Creating a body of work that has “power” and “meaning” and a “strong message” and a “timeless” quality with the emphasis being on “quality” and UNIQUE being the objective. In hindsight Fame Fad was just a process and journey of realising that fact and reaching this point on the road where I am now. As grand and impressive as Fame Fad is, that’s all it was.

This to most people probably sounds complete and utter madness, the tossing to the wayside of a succesful and popular website, but to any of you creatives out there, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from. If you don’t follow that sign, you’ll regret it the rest of your life.

I’ll still be around as a photographer but I will just not be involved with celebrities or the entertainment industry in a photo journalist capacity anymore. My other still live websites and social media are listed at the end of this news article if you wish to follow me in my new capacities. BUT if you’re looking for that celebrity buzz you’re probably better off elsewhere.

Fame Fad has been one fantastic journey, but like all journeys it had to end sooner or later. 3 years (on and off) all told is a pretty good run. (5 if you include my earlier blogging days) Courses of higher learning such as Degrees, strangely and coincidentally, also run for that period of time.

I would like to thank all @famefad followers for their support and interest during this projects duration.

I would also like to thank certain other photographers, websites, graphers (autograph hunters), event officials and security (you know who you are) for providing access, information or just a good spot to make these photos possible. Without which half these photos would not be here at all.

It has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride! Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did.

Frank John
Founder, Owner and Photographer

Frank John Photography Websites London Fashion and Street Style currently a business card/shop window style photographers website that is set to radically change late this year/early next which may feature some of my new work. A new Twitter also in the pipeline. One to keep an eye on!

Social Media
@fjgirls twitter for
@ThatFJ my personal twitter mainly arty stuff on here. A creative doodle pad/diary kick a ball round the park sort of Twitter Page. Erratic and not very frequent updates!
@fjgirlsmobile the fjgirls instagram

Others in the pipeline especially Flickr, instagram and You Tube.



Fearne Cotton arrives at The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015.

The latest celebrity event news and behind the scenes goings on at Fame Fad for July 2015 with added waffle which seemed to be popular last month?

Photo of the Month June 2015

Fearne Cotton arrives at The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015. Part 2

Fearne Cotton arrives at The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2015.

First off photo of the month for June 2015. It was a tricky one but on 3rd June I knew that I had my photo of the month. We’ve got names in June like Amber Heard, Channing Tatum, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson and many others but this shot of Fearne Cotton is the one for me. WHY?

1. Technically Good selective lighting, she’s illuminated nicely and the annoying railings in the background are not. Results she pops out of the frame. It looks like she’s standing still but she was moving at a rate of knots as shown by her hair. Bang on focus,nice smile and direct eye contact seal the deal.
2. She’s pregnant and still hitting the mark in red carpet fashion terms which is not easy to achieve as all the celebrity names mentioned previously would acknowledge and raise their hat to.
3. The red ball clutch handbag thing I’ve never seen before, it’s a one off and that alone warrants a photo of the month tag.
4. She’s a bit of a National Institution having been at Radio 1 for 10 years and has recently left. She’s a bit of a fashion icon as well. What better way to mark that fact

I think 4 pretty good reasons for her to be photo of the month. I could name others!


Timing is critical in this game. What Henri Cartier-Bresson called the decisive moment is very relevant in this sphere of work. Incredibly so.  More importantly once you’ve got that decisive moment you’ve got to get those pictures out there as fast as possible so time is critical here also, otherwise you are quite simply wasting your time.

This is something that I’ve been looking at for some time with internet cafe’s being the way to go for me. saves on carrying a laptop around worrying about batteries being charged, getting a good mobile or wi fi connection and on and on, not to mention the weight.  Some paps photo rucksacks I’ve struggled to pick up let alone get onto my back. Downside of internet cafe’s  is there is always a  lag from when you take the picture to when the outside world actually sees it which in this day and age is not good.

Some paps I know have ditched their laptops and are using Ipad Air 2  (the wafer thin one). Again this is something I’ve looked at with a lot of interest but again it’s not without it’s cons. Yes they’re light but are not as powerful as a laptop or PC and only rudimentary image editing can be done. They are also quite fiddly to use and quite fragile. An option that is still being considered though.

Some mirrorless cameras enable you to take a picture with a top notch camera (such as Sony A7 full frame series), send it to your phone via an app and from there you can post it out to the world. 10 seconds is the delay plus the time to log into your social media website and type out the message. Food for thought as well although it’s well known mirrorless cameras can’t hold a light to a DSLR for speed photography such as sports and paparazzi high speed action work where it’s all over in 2-3 seconds tops.

So the battle goes on in my mind over what technology really convinces me to make the switch from dinosaur internet cafe’s to the latest instantaneous delivery of photos from the world of celebrity but when it happens it will transform this website!


Fame Fad News July 2015

1. Photoshelter News
Photoshelter News All the photo galleries for Fame Fad are not hosted on this website but are hosted at Photoshelter at Recently had an email from these people who are based in New York that the package I’m on has been upgraded which means the following.
a) 8 or 9 funkier designs are available to showcase my work instead of the bog standard vanilla flavour that is out there at present. May try the Ben and Jerry’s Mint and Triple ORGANIC Chocolate chip and Pistachio flavour variety. They also got a very nice Haagen Daz!
b) I now have the option of using as the domain name for the gallery Instead of An example would be Still being looked at but this is quite a significant development at no extra cost to yours truly. Changes if any will happen during the dead period between late July and August this year.

2. You Tube
No updates have been done on this channel since Christmas and with a whopping 1 subscriber it’s pretty obvious this channel is getting the thumbs down in viewing and subscriber terms in it’s present format. So it’s back to the drawing board to come up with some different ideas for this channel. In it’s present form it’s just not worth investing any more time and effort in as videos do take a surprising amount of work to produce. I’m not one for flogging a dead horse and I have to say my first love is stills photography si it’s no loss for me personally! Rita Ora performing live seems to be the most popular video THAT may provide the future direction of this You Tube Channel. BUT as always watch for further news on that one

3. Camera Gear you may have noticed in June I’ve acquired some new lenses. A 70-200 style Tele zoom for longer range work such as hotels and large events and a wide angle to normal zoom for close up pap and red carpet situations. I’m not a huge fan of zooms but in this game they are pretty much essential. The result will be a dramatically different look to the photos and the ability to get shots that I otherwise would not be able to get which has got to be a good thing!

Celebrity Event News
July is what I call the start of the wind down season with late July and August being the dead times of the year in conjunction with the school holidays. Here’s what I know of that’s on in July.

1 July British Grand Prix Ball Royal Artillery Gardens in the City
Will not be at this event but a cracking guest list is expected to arrive.

One Crazy Thing – European Premiere
Wednesday 1st July

Genesis Cinema, London

Starring: Ray Panthaki, Daisy Bevan, Dan Renton Skinner

3 July Nordoff Robbins Silver Clef Awards Park Lane Hilton Hotel.
Good mixture of celebrities at this event both old and new. Will nott be there for the arrivals (other things on) but will try and make it for the departures


**Ant-Man – European Premiere**
Wednesday 8 July

Odeon Leicester Square, London

Starring: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Hayley Atwell, Michael Douglas

If hotel known will be papping there for certain.


As always keep an eye on the @famefad twitter for the latest news.

Celebrity spotting in Central London on 9 June 2015

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Central London on 9 June 2015

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Central London on 9 June 2015


A chance to try out my new telephoto zoom lens and where better place to start than near the top of the celebrity tree and Lady Gaga.  About 4 hours waiting at a hotel in Central London and she didn’t let us down with her now classic cup of tea exit from her hotel. Nearly every pap in London must have been there along with a large number of fans.

Other names spotted earlier were Paul Gascoigne (Gazza) who was also staying at the same hotel and Carol Vorderman spotted Portland Place W1 getting into a black cab near the BBC.

Images are as is. Didn’t use a flash so picked up a lot of extreme brightness from the sheer volume of flash guns going off! Think the lens needs a bigger lens hood. Gallery link below.

Celebrity  Spotting 9 June 2015 Central London Gallery

The Fame Fad celebrity event diary for June 2015 and behind the scenes news..

Photo of the Month
David Attenborough being interviewed at the TV BAFTA Awards standing about 4 or 5 feet in front of me. A legend in his lifetime and what things he has seen. What he’s thinking while I’m taking his photo is a mystery but it’s that mystery and direct look that makes this photo special.

Sir David Attenborough arrives at the 2015 BAFTA TV Awards London. Candid Red Carpet Photos

Sir David Attenborough arrives at the 2015 BAFTA TV Awards London. Candid Red Carpet Photos

Behind the Scenes Waffle: I love June, the month not the woman. Weather seems to be a bit more predictable and there are some decent celebrity events on in London. Also just like the mileage clock on a car going from 29999 to 30000 it is 3 years (29 May 2012 Glamour Women of the Year Awards) since I entered this celebrity photography game and believe me it is a game. I have to say it seems like 10 but yes it is just 3 years.

June is a special month that is like January 1st to me or a birthday. A time for deep deep thoughts. I look back but also look forward and wonder what lies around the corner in celebrity and photography terms. It’s a month where if I did smoke a pipe and had a rocking chair and a big hat like Gandalf out of the Lord of the Rings, some considerable time would be spent in that chair rocking back and forth deep in thought and quiet contemplation maybe making a few dragon smoke rings in the process reminiscing on past times (good and bad) with a twinkle in the eye and a gentle smile on the face. As Galadriel said to Frodo in the very same film, before looking in the Mirror of Galadriel, that he would see

“things that were, and things that are, and things that yet may be.”.

Those very thoughts run through the mind this time of year.

The longer you are in this game though the more you realise that what you are is the petrol in the media car. No fuel and it ain’t going nowhere. Celebrities need us (they know that) and we need them (we certainly know that). Photography is the medium that brings us together. It’s a bizarre relationship but is something that is silently acknowledged by both parties. That’s the game! You could say my job is promoting and publicising people, the camera is just a tool to achieve that goal.

Names come and go but it’s those that stand the test of time and cross all generations that truly deserve the title celebrity and seem to command the highest respect. David Attenborough above being a case in point. That statement is as valid way back in the 60s, now in 2015 and probably decades in the future.

Ah the celebrity game?

Enough waffle. What’s happening in June 2015 in celebrityville in London town?

Celebrity Events June 2015.

Listed below are events that I’m aware of. I will be at a fraction of these in June. Can’t do them all. NEW is music events, who’s performing where and when. Gives you an idea what big names are in town which starts the detective process to get more info. An example Arianne Grande performing London 1 June and Manchester 4 June. Glamour Women of the Year Awards are on 2 June. Strong chance she could be there. Gaga on 8 June. She has a preferred hotel. All guesswork but it narrows down and increases your chances of snapping these stars otherwise you are just looking for a needle in a haystack. London is a big place!

Awards Events

2 June Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Rita Ora at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 London. Arrivals Photos

Rita Ora at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 London. Arrivals Photos

One of the big ones, got eclipsed last year by the British Fashion Awards in my opinion. Think this event may be kicking back this year. Huge number of photogs cover this event with some big name photogs in attendance. Big name stars also from all spectrums of life with of course a female bias. Arrivals normally 5.30pm- 6pm onwards. Have been there till 8pm waiting for the last arrival. Photos live ETA 9pm onwards. Guest list unknown. Keep an eye on twitter @famefad for the gallery links. Weather forecast showers and windy. Immaterial for this event I will be there regardless!

Other Awards Yet to be confirmed

Film Premieres June 2015

Please note I don’t do film premieres these days but if the hotel where the stars are staying is known I will try my luck there. Results are highly variable.

Thursday 4th June

Going Bongo – Premiere

Cineworld Haymarket, London

Ernest Napoleon, Emanuela Galliussi, Ashley Olds

Thursday 4th June

Kajaki. The True Story – Special Screening

Imperial War Museum, London

Starring: Mark Stanley, Malachi Kirby, Paul Luebke, Ali Cook

Tuesday 9th June

London Road – Live Premiere

Ritzy, Brixton, London

Olivia Colman, Anita Dobson, Tom Hardy

Tuesday 9th June

Entourage – European Premiere

Vue West End, London

Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Liam Neeson

Wednesday 10th June

Mr. Holmes – UK Premiere

Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada

**Thursday 11th June**

Minions – World Premiere

Odeon Leicester Square, London

**Sandra Bullock, John Hamm, Michael Keaton**

NEW Music

1 June Arianne Grande o2 arena London

4 June Take That o2 Arena, London + dates

6 June One Direction and Avicii Wembley Stadium London

8 June Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Royal Albert Hall, London + dates

24 June Fleetwood Mac o2 arena, London

27 June Taylor Swift Hyde Park London


Wimbledon Pre Party. Last year 25 June. Date and venue to be confirmed.

28 June- 2015 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. May take a look this year and see what candid photos can be gleaned from wandering around the grounds of this event. No guarantees!

Other events are on throughout June but I don’t know until on the day.

As always to keep in the know keep your eyes peeled on twitter @famefad

Sunday 10th May. This was the day of the 2015 Bafta TV Awards. Venue: The Theatre Royal. ETA: 5pm. Broadcast: 8pm onwards.

Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire arrive at the 2015 TV Bafta Awards London.  Photo:  frank John for

Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire arrive at the 2015 TV Bafta Awards London. Photo: frank John for

Gone with a candid shot of Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire looking the happy couple walking up the red carpet at this awards event.

The sun was out, so were the stars and of course so were the crowds Shooting from the crowds meant a wristband only admission which required an early Sunday rise of 5am.. My wristband was No88 which would guarantee a good spot pretty much which means a high chance of some good pictures. Last year they ran out of wristbands and I was lucky to get in.

Anybody that is anybody in the TV industry turns up at this event which covers all genres including soap, documentary, mini series, sport, comedy, drama, news and others. The fellowship gong is the coveted one reserved for those that have been in the industry for a considerable period of time and are highly respected as a result.

A good event for candid shots. All shots taken in front of the interview area which was a good spot for the more unusual shots. Grab the shots via the link  below.

2015 TV BAFTA AWARDS Candid Arrrival Photos 

Latest news at Fame Fad and behind the scenes for May 2015 with a look forward to what will be happening in May.

No celebrity photos were taken in April as I have been snowed under elsewhere and things didn’t go according to plan but it looks like the Fame Fad mysteries could be coming to an end in May. Further details further on in this article.

Therefore no photo of the month FROM April 2015, instead a couple of archive photos from my very early days as a celeb photog. These are my photos of the month.

Amanda Seyfried at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Amanda Seyfried at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Helena Bonham-Carter at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Helena Bonham-Carter at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Photo of the month April 2015. Amanda Seyfried close up at the Les Miserables Premiere, London 2013

Helena Bonham Carter close up at the Les Miserables Premiere, London 2013

Why do I like these two photos? Moody lighting, intimate and up close and personal, you can almost put your arms round them, very in your face and they scrub up well on closer inspection. Amanda Seyfried in particular certainly has it all going on!

Criticisms: No connection and no eye contact despite their close proximity. If you can believe it this was taken on a cold winters night and the temperature was just above freezing. Remember repeatedly asking Amanda for a photo and she just kept smiling looking anywhere accept my direction. When I finally did get what we call in the trade “The Eye” she was about 1 foot in front looking straight at me and the biggest smile, took the shot, she then went, checked the shot, completely blown out and over exposed and out of focus (too close) next to useless. You live and learn. Those were the good old days? Every photo has a story. The Amanda Seyfried story is particularly painful and one I will never forget.

So what is happening at Fame Fad in May. First event looks to be the TV BAFTAS further details below. I should be there unless it is chucking it down or I’m down with something serious.

Here’s a few things that are on my radar for May. There will be heaps of other stuff coming up and I’m normally made aware on the day hence just these dates below. Please note I don’t attend premieres anymore instead I try for candid shots at the hotel if I know where they are staying.

Sunday 10 May
TV Bafta Awards, Theatre Royal London

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond – European Premiere

Sunday 17th May

Directed: Brad Bird

Starring: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie

19-23 May 2015
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Chelsea Gardens

San Andreas – World Premiere

Thursday 21st May

Cineworld Haymarket, London

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino

Thursday 21st May Ivor Novello Awards, Grosvenor House, Park Lane W1

Date to be confirmed
Glamour Women of the Year Awards
Normally the first Tuesday of June but has been the last Tuesday of May. Big event this will know nearer the time.

Events that will not be attended.

British Soap Awards will be taking place at Manchester’s Palace Theatre on Saturday 16 May.

Had a blast last year at this event which was held at the Hackney Empire in London but Manchester is just a trek too far for me for this sort of event. So a miss!

As always keep an eye on Twitter for latest @famefad news updates.

Laura Whitmore arrives at the 2015 TRIC Awards London with her lips bag

Laura Whitmore arrives at the 2015 TRIC Awards London with her lips bag

The 2015 TRIC Awards were held today 10 March at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane in Central London. Thought I’d take a look and see what is going on!

Picked a tough spot amongst the photogs to get shots of the more posed variety but was right on top of where the cars pulled up which could produce the odd cracking and different shot, which it did.  As long suffering regulars know, I’m more interested in the intimate and candid moment style shots. Just meant I had to scream like a banshee to get people to turn round when they were posing and look right down the end where I was which was tough to put it mildly.

Highlight for me was Laura Whitmore who has ever was “on the money” in fashion terms. The shot above with her “lips bag” did it for me on the day, she was a matter of  feet away and a cracking shot. If you look closely at this shot, hair just gently blowing in the wind, nail polish on display, bag on full view and legs crossed. She’s done this before hasn’t she!

I’m officially back early April but keep your eyes peeled for further sporadic updates. As always watch for further news on the Twitter @famefad

Grab the 2 part arrival galleries below.

TRIC Awards 2015 Arrival Gallery Part 1 Photos

TRIC Awards 2015 Arrival Gallery Part 2 Photos



HD Sports Programme: A Question Of Sport

Digital Radio Personality: Chris Evans

Weather Presenter: Carol Kirkwood

Sports Presenter: Jeff Stelling

News Presenter/Reporter: Susanna Reid

TV Personality of the Year: Ant and Dec

Soap Personality: Danny Dyer (EastEnders’ Mick Carter)

Reality Programme: Strictly Come Dancing

Factual Programme: The Great British Bake Off

HD Drama Programme of the Year: Downton Abbey

Digital Radio Programme: Capital Breakfast with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon

Daytime Programme: Pointless

Crime Programme of the Year: Silent Witness

Entertainment Programme: Gogglebox

Satellite/Digital Programme: Celebrity Juice

TV Soap of the Year: Coronation Street

Tric Special Award: Match of the Day

The Fame Fad Candid Moment Photo Awards. The Top 25 of 2014 with the Top 6 in large size. Strange, bizarre and not your normal sort of posed celebrity photos. Stars doing rabbit ears, sticking out their tongue, laughing their heads off, trying to make smoke rings, dancing, wearing space suits, locked in cages by gorillas and much more. What can I say. Celebrity photos with a difference? I’ll let the photos do the talking!

Simon Cowell smoking and Lauren Silverman at The 2014 Pride of Britain Awards London. Arrival Photos.

Simon Cowell smoking and Lauren Silverman at The 2014 Pride of Britain Awards London. Arrival Photos.

Lauren Silverman watching in disbelief and thinking “What the hell are you doing?” as Simon Cowell makes smoke on the red carpet and trying to make smoke rings?

Charli XCX and Celebrity Spotting London Fashion Week 13 September 2014

Charli XCX and Celebrity Spotting London Fashion Week 13 September 2014

No 2 Charli XCX demonstrating her rabbit ear making abilities and asking does my tongue match my jacket OK?


Rita Ora at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014. London. Arrival and Candid Photos

Rita Ora at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014. London. Arrival and Candid Photos

No 3 Rita Ora and the “Its You” photo whilst arriving at the GQ Men of the Year Awards. She came running over afterwards, why was a mystery?

Rita Ora at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014. London. Arrival and Candid Photos

Rita Ora at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014. London. Arrival and Candid Photos

No 4 Helena Bonham Carter showing off some rather strange nifty new moves right in front of me whilst on the red carpet at the TV BAFTAS.

Colin Firth at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014. London. Arrival and Candid Photos

Colin Firth at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014. London. Arrival and Candid Photos

No 5 Colin Firth nearly getting run over by a vehicle on the red carpet at the GQ Men of the Year Awards. One of many strange  incidents that happened that night.


Jemima Khan arriving at the UNICEF Halloween Ball in London on 30 October 2014

Jemima Khan arriving at the UNICEF Halloween Ball in London on 30 October 2014

No 6 Jemima Khan with that “Get me out of here” look on her face as she arrives at the UNICEF Halloween Ball with a Gorilla?

The Full Top 25 Gallery with brief description of what is going on?

Fame Fad will be going into this in a bigger way in 2015. Keep an eye on Twitter for the latest updates

Kelly Brook arrives at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2014, London

Happy New Year from Fame Fad if you don’t follow us on Twitter. The latest behind the scenes news and a smattering of celebrity events that are on their way in January. A bit later than usual as a result of the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Kelly Brook arrives at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2014, London

Kelly Brook arrives at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2014, London

Photo of the Month: December 2014:  Kelly Brook arriving at the 2014 Cosmo Awards in Mayfair, London

Why this photo?  Kelly is as good a reason as any to kick start 2015 and this photo seems to achieve that result.

Tanya Burr arrives at the British Fashion Awards 2014 London

Tanya Burr arrives at the British Fashion Awards 2014 London

Tanya Burr was a close second with this candid shot of her arriving at the British Fashion Awards standing in front of me doing her latest Vlog update and getting blitzed by flash from compact cameras. Slightly over exposed but has been left   for it’s blingy look. Candids look to be the way forward in 2015. More on that later!


What’s hapening in January 2015?  Here’s a list of a few events that are on during January 2015 including premieres and a couple of awards events. This is the tip of the iceberg as there are other things on. They are listed here for reference purposes only, but I personally may not be at these events but elsewhere such as the hotel or maybe but probably not the after party or another event.


Monday 5th January
Testament Of Youth Premiere
Empire Leicester Square , London
Starring: Alicia Vickander, Hayley Atwell, Kit Harington, Dominic West

Wednesday 7th January
Into the Woods
Curzon Mayfair, London
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine

Monday 12th January
A Most Violent Year Premiere
Starring: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo

Monday 19th January
Mortdecai Premiere
Starring: Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow

Wednesday 21st January
Kingsman: The Secret Service Premiere
Starring: Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson


National Television Awards 2015 o2 arena 21 Jan 2015

London Critics Circle Film Awards 18 January 2015 Mayfair Hotel London

Fame Fad Behind The Scenes News: January 2015

As you may have noticed near the tail end of 2014 Fame Fad is gradually changing direction and moving away from premieres and huge crowd events although awards events will still be covered on this website. Here’s whats happening in January and beyond.

1. Increased Fashion Bias. More emphasis on fashion shots, fashion events, female stars including casual, smart and red  carpet fashion. Male stars will still be covered but the more edgy types will be here such as the Brand’s, Pattinsons and other such types. I call them The Heart Throbs!

2. Candids. Increased emphasis on candid style shots such as the Tanya Burr shot above. These are incredibly hard to get and involve a lot of luck and incredible timing to get them but this is the way forward. The Fame Fad Candid Awards 2014 coming in the next couple of days will give you a taste of what is to come and probably better.

3. Video. Still in it’s formative stages but the new mobile I have recently acquired produces shockingly good HD video with matching sound. Trying to figure out how to shoot stills (photos) and video at the same time. Once that is figured out there should be some interesting footage in both formats which again I think is the way forward for this website and in general.

4. Smaller more intimate event coverage.  Things like parties, charity galas and balls and other similar events can produce some great pictures and have a broad cross section of stars in attendance you don’t normally see on what I call “the circuit”. They tend to have a handful of paps in attendance instead of 20-30 you normally see.

5. Reduced coverage at ITV and BBC.  Big names turning up at both these venues of course will be covered such as Rita Ora, Ariane Grande, Taylor Swift and other such names that arrived in 2014 but will be used more as a backup if I didn’t get them somewhere else. A lot of the stars lately have been leaving via back exits and using side doors or other such tricks which is not what you really want after waiting 2-3 hours! Reviewing the photos over the year especially the ITV shots they tend to not be as good as shots taken elsewhere with rather uninspring backdrops. BUT as said before if a big name is in town and I have had no luck elsewhere then I’m left with no choice but to go the ITV or BBC route.

6. Exclusives?  Exclusive photos of celebrities? A laughable and very rare thing in London but something that is being looked into with new information sources recently acquired this could be a step closer to reality but when your face is known and you are waiting somewhere in Central London for a celebrity from a tip off  it’s not long before 1 or 2 other paps turn up who text others and then you are surrounded by 15 or 20 and with you thinking “That’s that exclusive out the window”. Still in the experimental stage but watch this space!

7. Blog Posts: Blog posts could be making a come back in 2015 with a short few words on the latest update and a 600 x 800 or so px photo with a link to the gallery. Maybe a photo of the day similar to the photo of the month. Still being chewed over. Watch for further news!

Maddy Hill at the 2014 Inside soap Awards London

Part 2 of the Fame Fad Red Carpet Fashion Awards. Female Stars who caused heads to seriously turn on  the red carpet in 2014 with their looks and choice of dress/outfit to ensure they created a red carpet presence that hits the media in a big way. The final Hot 25 list includes A listers right through to new and rising stars. If they had the look they made the list.

This section in Part 3 includes the Top 10-6  covering  music, tv soap and film stars including names such as Maddy Hill,  Delilah,  Margot Robbie,  Elizabeth Olsen and Daisy Bevan

Maddy Hill  at the 2014 Inside soap Awards London

Maddy Hill at the 2014 Inside soap Awards London

6 Maddy Hill: A chaotic Awards event held at DSTRKT in Soho produced some interesting red carpet arrivals of the more candid variety. Maddy Hill is a new TV star  on the block who appears in Eastenders,   she was the highlight of the night at this event though and is straight in on this Red Carpet Fashion List at No6. One to watch!

Delilah at London Fashion Week Day 1

Delilah at London Fashion Week Day 1

7. Delilah:  Music star Delilah is a regular at London Fashion Week and always manages to cause a stir when she arrives. This year was no exception when she turned up at Somerset House. Not strictly a red carpet event but she’s got the look that says otherwise and heads did turn en masse as a result. She achieved the desired result.

Margot Robbie arrives at the Harpers Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2014 London

Margot Robbie arrives at the Harpers Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2014 London

8 Margot Robbie: Yellow is a colour that you can either pull off or fail mserably. Margot on arrival on what was a miserable wet night, was a ray of sunshine and got the press photogs in a lather within a split second of arrival. She was the girl of the night and ticked all the right boxes.A  plunging neckline does help though?

Elizabeth Olsen at The Godzilla European  Premiere London  Arrival Photos

Elizabeth Olsen at The Godzilla European Premiere London Arrival Photos

9. Elizabeth Olsen: Long flowing gowns need poise and grace to complete the effect and Elizabeth Olsen delivered the goods in style at the Godzilla premiere this year in London. Another star of the show on the night in a blue lacy number with matching shoes.

Daisy Bevan at The Two Faces of January Premiere London

Daisy Bevan at The Two Faces of January Premiere London

10. Daisy Bevan: Actress Daisy Bevan sneaks in at No 10 in a long flowing intricately detailed baby blue number at the Two Faces of January Premiere at the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair, London earlier this year just pipping Kirsten Dunst who was the main star of the film in the process.