Laura Trott about 2 hours before the Ride London Women's Grand Prix on the Mall. Photo: © Frank John for

IMG 9803b Laura Trott and Dani King Spotting at Ride London Womens Grand Prix. Photos

Laura Trott about 2 hours before the Ride London Women’s Grand Prix on the Mall. Photo: © Frank John for

3 days into a supposed summer break from anything resembling celebrity photography and a personal casual visit to the Prudential Ride London event this Saturday soon changed all that. Busmans Holiday thoughts sprang to mind. No rest for the wicked was the other?

purely a supportive visit (ex racer myself but retired after 5 years at a whopping 22 with a few wins an placings gracing the local rags) Team GB cyclists Olympic medalists Dani King and golden Girl Laura Trott (front page of the London Evening Standard on Friday enough said!) were top billing in the 96 international rider Womens Grand Prix on The Mall in Central London.

So with a spot on The Mall at the 25m marker (finish line was waty too crowded) and with camera in hand de press rigged with no flash to sort of blend in the background. The casual intention was MAYBE getting the odd shot of Dani or Laura flying past and not much more was expected.

10 minutes later and the photos in the gallery below tell a different story. Race finish shots are slighly off on focus. I’m now back on holiday again keeping one eye open for this Kate Moss in Asda photo.

IMG 9805b Laura Trott and Dani King Spotting at Ride London Womens Grand Prix. Photos

Dani King about 2 hours before the Ride London Women’s Grand Prix on the Mall. Photo: © Frank John for

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IMG 9185b Idris Elba and the Pacific Rim Premiere London. Arrival Photos

Close up of Idris Elba at the Pacific Rim Premiere London. Photo: © Frank John for

Pacific Rim Premiere was held on Thursday Evening on 4 July at the BFI IMAX Cinema on the Southbank in London.

A smallish event and venue but the crowds came out for this one. With names such as Idris Elba, Charlie Hunman and Rinko Kikuchi in the lead roles and present for this premiere outing. Directed by Guillermo del Toro who was also in attendance.

Idris Elba grabs the headline as his was the best shot on the night even if I say so myself…….it just doesn’t get any closer than that taken about 3 feet away and on the night he was the man!.. Very challenging conditions to get these shots which were all taken from the crowd with clipboards, arms and elbows, heads and mobiles all really going for it. No preferential treatment here……surprised to come away with anything at all!

Full Arrivals List
Burn Gorman, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam, Guillermo del Toro, Idris Elba, Isaac Hanson, Rinko Kikuchi, Robert Kazinsky, Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson

When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace. Inof courtesy IMDB

UK Release: July 12 2013

Trailer Video 

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angelina jolie IMG 7912b Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the World War Z World Premiere London.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the background at The World War Z World Premiere London  Photo: Frank John for

The World War Z World Premiere was held in Leicester Square this Sunday afternoon on 2 June. Don’t normally shoot on the weekends but things like the BAFTA’s or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in town…. you just have to make exceptions.

With an extensive guest list including the main star of the film Brad Pitt accompanied by of course Angelina Jolie who is not in this production but came to offer her support on the day. Names at the red carpet event included other cast members and guests including Adam Pitts, Chris Wolstenholme, Daniella kertesz, Dexter Fletcher, Dominic Howard, Joel Peat, John Gordon Sinclair, Kimberly Wyatt, Marc Forster, Matthew Bellamy, Mireille Enos, Natasha Bedingfield, Peter Capaldi and Thomas Howes.

The attitude for shooting this event from within the crowds was if I get anything at all half decent it will be a result, but in reality wasn’t expecting that much due to the names involved here and the resulting crowds and the fact I got there about a mere couple of hours before the premiere started.

For some reason the above photo grabs the headline for me with Angelina Jolie in the foreground and Brad Pitt watching over the proceedings of me taking a photo of her in the background. No direct eye contact from either of them, but they are there and nothing is being said but a lot is being said by their actions in front of my camera.  A possible silent nod of approval in  my direction.

There’s just something about this photo I can’t put my finger on, that makes it stand out, an intimate moment sort of shot amidst the chaos of a film premiere scenario. Something a bit different. This was a Brad Pitt night but with the recent health news surrounding Jolie the above  photo sort of sums up that life headlines and health are sometimes more important than a film which becomes secondary.

In summary managed to get a few decent shots more than what was expected anyway..

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IMG 7432b Olivia Coleman and the 2013 BAFTA TV Awards London. Arrivals Photos

The BAFTA TV Awards were held last night at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank in Central London and the stars and the weather turned out for this one along with some Daleks.

Olivia Coleman was the headline picking up two gongs at the event and the weather was the other with “umbrellas” being one of the first words to spring to mind when describing this red carpet spectacular event. David Walliams came with a dog that looked very similar to Pudsey?


Winners list, behind the scenes, guest list and gallery below after the jump: (more…)

jessica wright IMG 6823b Jessica Wright and Guest Arrivals at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London. Photos

Jessica Wright at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London

The Olympus Has Fallen Premiere was buzzing the BFI IMAX last night 3 April in London with it’s European Premiere and there was an extensive guest list for this event.

With the main action centred around the films leads of Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler the female stars had to pull the stops out to ensure they shone as brightly as the Eckhart and Butler combo.

Guest on the night included The Voice Finalist Bo Bruce, Gabriella Ellis, Jessica-Jane Clement, Labrinth, Lydia Rose Bright, Matt Johnson, Natalie Pinkham, Sophie Turner and Swayamongst others.

Difficult to pull a headliner out of this collection of guest arrivals but Jessica Wright seemed to do it for us here on the night with Frankie Essex raising a few eyebrows and warming up a chilly night.

Full gallery of the Guest Arrivals at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London 


IMG 6879b Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London. Photos

Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London

The Olympus Has Fallen European Premiere was held last night at the BFI IMAX Cinema and two of the 3 main stars wee in attendance at the event including Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler> Morgan Freeman also stars in this film but was unable to attend.

Film Details:
Disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers. Information courtesy IMDB

Rating:  Currently 7.2/10

UK Release : 17 April

Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler Gallery at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere London (more…)

IMG 6624b Carrie Underwood visits BBC Radio 2 London. Photos

Carrie Underwood arrives at BBC Radio 2 in Central London

Mega Country Star Carrie Underwood was in town and dressed up to visit Simon Mayo at BBC Radio on Wednesday Evening 13 March for a chat. She is headlining the Country to Country festival at  London’s The O2 venue.

Latest rumblings on her Twitter below

Having a blast across the pond! Met a lot of great people in London today! Tomorrow, we rock Dublin! #lovemylife

Her timing was something else as she arrived just minutes after a heavy snow shower that lasted for half an hour.

Grab the photos from her visit at BBC Radio 2 below.

Carrie Underwood visits BBC Radio 2 London Gallery (more…)

IMG 6594a Phil Daniels and the Vinyl Gala Screening London. Photos

Phil Daniels at the Vinyl Gala Screening London

The Vinyl Gala Screening was held last night at the Empire in Leicester Square and most of the cast were in attendance. A small event with about half a dozen photographers in side the event and 2 outside the cinema (including myself) taking shots as they arrived. Photos include Phil Daniels one of the leads in the film, Mike Peters (lead singer of the former 80s group The Alarm on which the film is based) along with Jools Peters and Alexa Davies a new actress that could be a possible one to watch in the future.
Aging rock group use a young fresh faced punk band to front new recordings to fool the music industry.
Information courtesy IMDB


According to IMDb the film was rated as 7.6/10 prior to the premiere but today it’s jumped up to 8.4/10. Make of that what you will?

UK Release Date:
Vinyl is due to be released on Friday 15th March

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