Celebrities sans make up, no make up or just plain without make up is always an interesting one and Rihanna is under the spotlight today. Celebrity spotting of a different kind?

There is, or was a website that specialised in shots of celebrities with not a jot of slap on the face with side by side red carpet and zero just got out of bed comparisons. It was scary, and as you can imagine there were some OMG and OMD horrors on there.

Not sure that website is still going or in fact in business because it’s all they did. It was a classic.The email inbox must have been interesting and glowing red? The site name escapes, probably something like ZeroSlapCelebs.com or similar. It’s tempting to set up a similar site laced with sarcastic banter but fortunately this owner has a heart and the urge has been resisted sticking with the Fame Fad approach! It would be a flier though, but how long it and the owner would survive the oncoming missiles is something else?

Which brings us nicely onto Rihanna. She has come under (more…)

A lot of celebrities were spotted out and about yesterday in New York and here’s a summary of that day featuring paparazzi photos of the stars doing what they do. Two galleries taken by different paps but featuring similar stars. Names include The Kardashian family (again), Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas (Senior), Kelly Osbourne, Leslie Rosenzweig, Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman and Skyler Morrison family shots on a day out and not forgetting a hoody wearing Kanye West who grabs the headlines for obvious reasons spotted leaving Kim Kardashians hotel according to the photog!

Celebrity Spotting New York 30 April Gallery 1 Photos

Some classic shots her (more…)

A busy weekend in New York and also Washington D.C with a mass of celebrities spotted in Manhattan and the political capital either in casual style or dressed up going to events.

Two big events were on over the weekend including The Avengers Premiere marking the last day of the Tribeca Film Festival 2012 in New York and even bigger was the 98th annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner held at the Washington Hilton. Further details below.

Celebrity Spotting New York Paparazzi Photos

Chris Hemsworth was spotted out in Soho ready for 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Closing Night premier for Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ in New York City. Also spotted were Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Hiddleston. Classed as pre red carpet shots but still paparazzi. Photos


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were seen exit from seeing ‘Wicked’ on Broadway at The Gershwin Theater last night (more…)

Celebrity fashionista street fashion style featuring your favourite stars with not a red carpet in sight. Kim Kardashian heads the line up (what again?) turning up the heat on the streets of Manhattan in a mini skirt dress number. Mum Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian came along for the ride. A few heads were turning lets put it that way! Grab the pap shots Photos.

Not to be outdone two celebrities were spotted on a visit to the “Late Show With David Letterman” yesterday with names including Amy Poehler who talked about her role in the new TV show ‘Parks and Recreation according to The Huff. They have the vid. Wendy Williams was also on a mission for a meet with Letterman. Grab the Letterman arrivals shots Photos .

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A roundup of mass celebrity sightings and who was spotted where and why featuring paparazzi photos taken on 23 April 2012 in New York City in the Manhattan Area. TV Reality Star spotting, arrivals at a famous TV chat show and general sightings in the Manhattan Area feature.

Celebrity names include Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Mason Disick, Lamar Odom, Robert Kardashian Jr, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, Zach Wahls Jacqueline Reger and Terry Wahls and Jason Segel

Gone with Amber Rose for the headline as there hasn’t been an Amber Rose celebrity spotting article on this site as far as I’m aware and she stands out on this list. Amber Rose category now no this site. Grab the details of who was where wearing what below.

Celebrity Spotting New York 23 April. (more…)

Sarah Silverman, Michelle Williams and Luke Kirby were at the ‘Take this Waltz’ Premiere last night which was held at the grass roots location of the Borough of Manhattan Community College during the 2012 Tribeca Film in New York. This film also stars Seth Rogen. Love these sort of events. Grab the photos including some cracking directors chairs below.

Take This Waltz Film Premiere Tribeca 2012 Photos

Take This Waltz is directed by Sarah Pooley  is a Canadian drama about a married woman who falls for another man. Alzheimer’s disease forming the backdrop to this romance. Take This Waltz appeared at the Toronto Film Festival last year. Critical reception is apparently not great but Katey Rich at Cinema Blend rates the film. Get her thoughts in a decent article here.

Take This Waltz Official Film Trailer Video

A mixture of celebrity spotting and paparazzi photos in New York on 21 April featuring all of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe’s other half Lamar Odom plus Mummy Kris Jenner. Other big names spotted include Calvin Klein (the man himself) and Bruce Springsteen. Grab the photos below.

Celebrity Spotting New York 21 April. Photos

Kim Kardashian World News

That’s the good news,  the not so good news is a fan site we have had for a while now called Kim Kardashian World (more…)

The Tribeca Film Festival 2012 officialy opened the other night in New York and marks the unofficial beginning of the film festival season with Cannes just around the corner. Emily Blunt seems to be in vogue at the moment as she was at yet another film premiere after recently attending The Five Year Engagement Premiere at Tribeca which was the Festival opener.

Your sisters Sister is another Emily Blunt starred film and naturally she was present at the premiere event which was held at at BMCC Tribeca PAC last night April 19, in New York City. Other names present included Natasha Bedingfield , Lynn Shelton (Director) and Sami Gayle. A smaller more intimate event and Emily dressed accordingly demonstrating some more classic red carpet poses that were focused on in the previous premiere article. Reinvention is the keyword here!

What’s It All About? (more…)

The Tribeca Film Festival 2012 is officially underway and the opening night featured the premiere for “The Five Year Engagement” and yes it’s another one of those Rom Com’s.

The leads in the film are Emily Blunt and Jason Segel who were both present at the event and slicked and green and black was the ensemble from Emily Blunt. The verdict…two thumbs up here, but that’s from somebody that hasn’t got the first idea about red carpet fashion?  

A bit of red carpet posing analysis. Photo here of Emily Blunt  doing the red carpet classic pose of “hand on hip, clutch and  scissors” accompanied with that “look at me” level expression. A true pro Photo. Grab the full gallery below. (more…)

Celebrity Spotting and paparazzi photos in New York. Just one star so far today and that is Olivia Wilde actress from “Tron” and “Cowboys and Aliens” who was spotted looking rather coy leaving her apartment today April 18, in New York City with the black and classy with shades look.

It’s all a mystery and a check on her Twitter @oliviawilde doesn’t make things any clearer, but one things for certain she’s not popping down the local shop for a pint of milk?

Olivia Wilde Spotting New York Photos

FJ Mobile Swiss Cottage (not the pub) London NW3