Latest news at Fame Fad and behind the scenes for May 2015 with a look forward to what will be happening in May.

No celebrity photos were taken in April as I have been snowed under elsewhere and things didn’t go according to plan but it looks like the Fame Fad mysteries could be coming to an end in May. Further details further on in this article.

Therefore no photo of the month FROM April 2015, instead a couple of archive photos from my very early days as a celeb photog. These are my photos of the month.

Amanda Seyfried at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Amanda Seyfried at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Helena Bonham-Carter at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Helena Bonham-Carter at the Les Miserables Film Premiere London

Photo of the month April 2015. Amanda Seyfried close up at the Les Miserables Premiere, London 2013

Helena Bonham Carter close up at the Les Miserables Premiere, London 2013

Why do I like these two photos? Moody lighting, intimate and up close and personal, you can almost put your arms round them, very in your face and they scrub up well on closer inspection. Amanda Seyfried in particular certainly has it all going on!

Criticisms: No connection and no eye contact despite their close proximity. If you can believe it this was taken on a cold winters night and the temperature was just above freezing. Remember repeatedly asking Amanda for a photo and she just kept smiling looking anywhere accept my direction. When I finally did get what we call in the trade “The Eye” she was about 1 foot in front looking straight at me and the biggest smile, took the shot, she then went, checked the shot, completely blown out and over exposed and out of focus (too close) next to useless. You live and learn. Those were the good old days? Every photo has a story. The Amanda Seyfried story is particularly painful and one I will never forget.

So what is happening at Fame Fad in May. First event looks to be the TV BAFTAS further details below. I should be there unless it is chucking it down or I’m down with something serious.

Here’s a few things that are on my radar for May. There will be heaps of other stuff coming up and I’m normally made aware on the day hence just these dates below. Please note I don’t attend premieres anymore instead I try for candid shots at the hotel if I know where they are staying.

Sunday 10 May
TV Bafta Awards, Theatre Royal London

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond – European Premiere

Sunday 17th May

Directed: Brad Bird

Starring: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie

19-23 May 2015
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Chelsea Gardens

San Andreas – World Premiere

Thursday 21st May

Cineworld Haymarket, London

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino

Thursday 21st May Ivor Novello Awards, Grosvenor House, Park Lane W1

Date to be confirmed
Glamour Women of the Year Awards
Normally the first Tuesday of June but has been the last Tuesday of May. Big event this will know nearer the time.

Events that will not be attended.

British Soap Awards will be taking place at Manchester’s Palace Theatre on Saturday 16 May.

Had a blast last year at this event which was held at the Hackney Empire in London but Manchester is just a trek too far for me for this sort of event. So a miss!

As always keep an eye on Twitter for latest @famefad news updates.

Latest news from the very nerve centre of Fame Fad with a look back at March and the photo highlights and a also a look forward to what will be happening in April.

Only covered one event in March so the photo highlights are taken from that event.

Photo of the Month March 2015 is a pregnant Laura Hamilton at the 2015 TRIC Awards below.

Laura Hamilton arrives at TRIC Awards 2015 London. Arrival Photos

Photo of the Month March 2015. Laura Hamilton arrives at TRIC Awards 2015 London. Arrival Photos. Photo: Copyright Frank John for

Why do I like this shot? Beautiful smile, good eye contact and the angle is good really capturing that baby bump. Front on the shot wouldn’t have been so dramatic. A real grass roots shot that says “Yes I’m a celebrity but I get pregnant and have babies just like the rest of you!” She looks like she’s pretty much due so hats off to her for turning up in the first place

Nadia Ford arrives at TRIC Awards 2015 London. Arrival Photos

Photo of the Month March 2015 No 2. Nadia Ford arrives at TRIC Awards 2015 London. Arrival Photos.  Photo: Frank John for

Second favourite shot from the same event is Nadia Ford walking down Park Lane a few feet from the photo area, a shot that no other photographer got. It’s a bit different and up close and personal. Again good eye contact and what I call a Mona Lisa smile. Those are the best! Focus is what I call an annoying 98% but sometimes if a shot is that good I just go with it these days but on a technical basis it will never sell in a million. I call it soft focus and a “moment” shot, the media would call it a reject shot. Regardless I think it’s a cracker and she’s here. Sometimes it’s not about 100% sharp!

So what’s happening at Fame Fad in April? In a word I’m back this month after being involved in other projects since early December last year. Normal service should resume after the Easter holidays. Due to the fact I’ve been sort of out of the celebrity game for some months, it will take a few weeks to get back into the celebrity information curve getting to know again who’s here, who’s there, who’s buzzing and what’s on.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on in film premiere terms in April. I don’t attend these events anymore these days but the departures from the hotels have produced some interesting shots that float my boat and paddle my canoe. No guarantees on any of these but there are some decent names here.

A Little Chaos – UK Premiere
Monday 13th April

Odeon Kensington, London

Starring: Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci, Helen McCrory

Far From The Madding Crowd – World Premiere
Wednesday 15th April

BFI South Bank, London

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Tom Sturridge, Matthias Schoenaerts

Solitary – Gala Screening part of London Independent Film Festival
Thursday 16th April

Genesis Cinema, London

Starring: Susan Ateh, Miranda Bell, Maya Bewick

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Premiere
There has been no confirmed date for the UK premiere.

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo

Furious 7 – Premiere? No date yet but release date is 3 April so premiere looking unlikely maybe a screening or similar or nothing at all.

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson

Awards Events. Numerous events on during April. Keep an eye on the Fame Fad twitter @famefad

Other events. Again keep an eye on the Fame Fad Twitter @famefad

As I always love to say. Watch for further news!!

Tamara Ecclestone at London Fashion Week AW 15 Day 2  at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Latest news at Fame Fad and behind the scenes for March 2015 with a look back at February and the highlights and a look forward to what will be happening in March.

Photo of the Month February 2015 Tamara Ecclestone family shot including her baby.

Why do I like this shot? It’s basically a family snap taken on the move before the steps of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which was the staging area for the Julien MacDonald event at London Fashion Week. Celebrity babies are a tricky thing to photogragh but the parents are happy about being snapped and happy to have their child pictured as well. Even the baby looks to be enjoying the light show in front from the paps. Very difficult to get these sort of intimate shots and these photos are special and don’t come along too often hence it’s top billing here

Tamara Ecclestone at London Fashion Week AW 15 Day 2  at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Second fave shot is Ella Eyre arriving at the same event posing for a portrait style shot, with some of the general public trying to get her photo in the background. Got some full length shots of Ella coming up the stairs and also near her car on arrival but this shot seems to have something going on more than the others

Ella Eyre at London Fashion Week AW 15 Day 2 at the Foreign And Commonwealth Office

Third photo fave is Michelle Keegan on the first day of London Fashion Week at Somerset House leaving the Jasper Conran event. Got loads of shots of her but this close up shot with a strange hand motion and the empty drinks carton in the background stood out in my opinion. Is she waving or just showing her ring or is she showing some nifty finger moves?

Michelle Keegan arrives at London Fashion Week AW15

Michelle Keegan leaving  London Fashion Week AW15

What’s happening March at Fame Fad. March will be an open book and a mystery month. Events are on, celebs will as always be around but this month the updates will be left in the hands of that thing that nobody can control called the weather.

If spring looks to be just around the corner and the weather looks to be lifting off it’s winter lows, updates will be here. March is a tricky month and the Siberian weather could return or the daffodils outside the window where I’m writing this just maybe right and better weather is on the way.

In summary there may be 1 or 2 updates in March or there could be a dozen. Normal service should resume April.

PHOTO STYLE. Have been doing a lot of reading of photography masters, looked at thousands of photos and watched numerous videos. It’s something I do every winter. Whether this has any effect on my photographic style remains to be seen. It’s something all good photographers do otherwise your standard of photography doesn’t progress to higher levels and remains static.

TYPES OF EVENTS. Getting picky on the events that will be covered. My style is increasingly leaning towards very close and intimate shots with what I call a connection as in plenty of eye contact. Events nowadays are chosen to maximise on this situation. Here’s some events in February that were not covered and the reason why?

BAFTAS: Weather was cold but fine but the lack of Hollywood heavyweight names this year = a no show from me.

BRIT AWARDS: Some names were there including the now infamous Madonna but the venue is not the best.

ELLE STYLE AWARDS: Great event and one that I definetly would attend but it clashed with the last day of London Fashion Week. Had a stack of photos that had to be uploaded and edited so time was an issue. A tablet would have resolved this issue. Something that is seriously being looked into.

MOBILE PICS: A first for this website is photos via my mobile. First one went live just after LFW and looks like it generated interest. Could be used for behind the scenes shots, candid shots even video or anything else. Obviously the photo quality will not be as good as from the DSLR but whatever is taken can be uploaded within seconds.

That’s it for the March News. As always keep up to date with the latest developments at the Fame Fad Twitter @famefad

The latest news for Fame Fad in February 2015 including behind the scenes.

No photo of the month this month as only 1 event was attended last month with Emily Blunt and James Corden being the only celebrities photographed.Not much point duplicating Emily Blunt again.

February will be a quiet month this month as I’m tied up elsewhere and also working on my new website which seems to be getting a lot of interest. Also it’s no joke standing around waiting for celebrities in this weather. I’m a hard nut but I’m not a fruit cake.

So what’s happening at Fame Fad in February?

BAFTAS 7 January. If the weather is OK I may be there but will be after candid shots but not from the crowds. Hit rate will be low but anything that I do get should be interesting. If there’s a hint of rain or snow I will not be there.

London Fashion Week 20-24 February. Again subject to weather I will be there in a celebrity and also fashion photographer capacity. If I see any celebrities then of course they will be here.

If you’re interested in fashion and nothing much is happening at Fame Fad during February you can get me over at Twitter @fjgirls

Kelly Brook arrives at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2014, London

Happy New Year from Fame Fad if you don’t follow us on Twitter. The latest behind the scenes news and a smattering of celebrity events that are on their way in January. A bit later than usual as a result of the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Kelly Brook arrives at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2014, London

Kelly Brook arrives at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2014, London

Photo of the Month: December 2014:  Kelly Brook arriving at the 2014 Cosmo Awards in Mayfair, London

Why this photo?  Kelly is as good a reason as any to kick start 2015 and this photo seems to achieve that result.

Tanya Burr arrives at the British Fashion Awards 2014 London

Tanya Burr arrives at the British Fashion Awards 2014 London

Tanya Burr was a close second with this candid shot of her arriving at the British Fashion Awards standing in front of me doing her latest Vlog update and getting blitzed by flash from compact cameras. Slightly over exposed but has been left   for it’s blingy look. Candids look to be the way forward in 2015. More on that later!


What’s hapening in January 2015?  Here’s a list of a few events that are on during January 2015 including premieres and a couple of awards events. This is the tip of the iceberg as there are other things on. They are listed here for reference purposes only, but I personally may not be at these events but elsewhere such as the hotel or maybe but probably not the after party or another event.


Monday 5th January
Testament Of Youth Premiere
Empire Leicester Square , London
Starring: Alicia Vickander, Hayley Atwell, Kit Harington, Dominic West

Wednesday 7th January
Into the Woods
Curzon Mayfair, London
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine

Monday 12th January
A Most Violent Year Premiere
Starring: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo

Monday 19th January
Mortdecai Premiere
Starring: Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow

Wednesday 21st January
Kingsman: The Secret Service Premiere
Starring: Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson


National Television Awards 2015 o2 arena 21 Jan 2015

London Critics Circle Film Awards 18 January 2015 Mayfair Hotel London

Fame Fad Behind The Scenes News: January 2015

As you may have noticed near the tail end of 2014 Fame Fad is gradually changing direction and moving away from premieres and huge crowd events although awards events will still be covered on this website. Here’s whats happening in January and beyond.

1. Increased Fashion Bias. More emphasis on fashion shots, fashion events, female stars including casual, smart and red  carpet fashion. Male stars will still be covered but the more edgy types will be here such as the Brand’s, Pattinsons and other such types. I call them The Heart Throbs!

2. Candids. Increased emphasis on candid style shots such as the Tanya Burr shot above. These are incredibly hard to get and involve a lot of luck and incredible timing to get them but this is the way forward. The Fame Fad Candid Awards 2014 coming in the next couple of days will give you a taste of what is to come and probably better.

3. Video. Still in it’s formative stages but the new mobile I have recently acquired produces shockingly good HD video with matching sound. Trying to figure out how to shoot stills (photos) and video at the same time. Once that is figured out there should be some interesting footage in both formats which again I think is the way forward for this website and in general.

4. Smaller more intimate event coverage.  Things like parties, charity galas and balls and other similar events can produce some great pictures and have a broad cross section of stars in attendance you don’t normally see on what I call “the circuit”. They tend to have a handful of paps in attendance instead of 20-30 you normally see.

5. Reduced coverage at ITV and BBC.  Big names turning up at both these venues of course will be covered such as Rita Ora, Ariane Grande, Taylor Swift and other such names that arrived in 2014 but will be used more as a backup if I didn’t get them somewhere else. A lot of the stars lately have been leaving via back exits and using side doors or other such tricks which is not what you really want after waiting 2-3 hours! Reviewing the photos over the year especially the ITV shots they tend to not be as good as shots taken elsewhere with rather uninspring backdrops. BUT as said before if a big name is in town and I have had no luck elsewhere then I’m left with no choice but to go the ITV or BBC route.

6. Exclusives?  Exclusive photos of celebrities? A laughable and very rare thing in London but something that is being looked into with new information sources recently acquired this could be a step closer to reality but when your face is known and you are waiting somewhere in Central London for a celebrity from a tip off  it’s not long before 1 or 2 other paps turn up who text others and then you are surrounded by 15 or 20 and with you thinking “That’s that exclusive out the window”. Still in the experimental stage but watch this space!

7. Blog Posts: Blog posts could be making a come back in 2015 with a short few words on the latest update and a 600 x 800 or so px photo with a link to the gallery. Maybe a photo of the day similar to the photo of the month. Still being chewed over. Watch for further news!

Suki Waterhouse and Guests at Winter Wonderland

Photo of the Month: November 2014: Suki Waterhouse and guests arriving at the Winter Wonderland VIP Night in Hyde Park,  Central London on 20 November 2014. Photo: Frank John for

Photo of the Month: November 2014: Suki Waterhouse and guests arriving at the Winter Wonderland VIP Night in Hyde Park, Central London on 20 November 2014. Photo: Frank John for

Photo of the Month November 2014:  This photo sums up the christmas season right on with Suki Waterhouse (centre) and guests in christmas spirit with the massive Winter Wonderland lights in the background setting the tone.

What’s Happening at Fame Fad in December:

December is a month that starts with a big bang and ends pretty quiet with the Christmas period being traditionally quiet and the celebrity world is no exception. Here’s what I’m aware of at this moment in time (29 November)


These are the bigger events I’m aware of that are on during December. There are many others including charity balls, christmas parties and other seasonal goings on. Things that I like the look of I will be attending and they do not appear on this list below. Most of these are common knowledge and easily found on the web.

The British Fashion Awards. The London Palladium 1 December 2014. Rita Ora, Kelly Brook, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Harry Styles were there last year. Very hard event to get decent shots but well worth attending for the names involved. On the same day as the Hobbit Premiere. I will be at this event. I have to be!

The Victorias Secret Fashion Show Earls Court Exhibition Centre
SW5 9TA 2 December 2014 8pm Models such as  Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo and Karlie Kloss probably ring bells for this massive fashion extravaganza. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Hozier are set to perform plus more. Huge event. Again hard venue to pap but the hotels will be a good bet as well as this venue. A challenge but could throw up some big surprises.

Further details

The Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards. 1 Mayfair. London 3 December. The Glamour Women of the Year Awards is THE event of the year for female stars but this one is still pretty good. Was held at the V&A in 2012, didn’t attend in 2013. Female stars mainly Brit from all walks of celebrity life. The venue is not as good as the V&A it has to be said but some decent shots should be on the cards. Again an event I have to be at..

The Jingle Bell Ball 6 and 7 December 2014 SSE Arena London. Not the easiest place to get shots but a huge turnout of music stars for this event. Further details 


Film Premieres

Monday 1st December 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, – World Premiere

Odeon Leicester Square & Empire IMAX, London
Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Exodus Gods and Kings – World Premiere

Odeon Leicester Square, London
Thursday 4th December 2014

Montana – Gala Screening

The Mayfair Hotel, London
Monday 15th December

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb – European Premiere

Empire Leicester Square , London


Christmas and New Years I will be off with a return in early January. BUT if I do bump into any celebrities over the Christmas period they will be here. Keep an eye on Twitter for any updates but regulars will know the chances are slim.

Ellie Goulding at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 London. Archive Photo © Frank John for

Ellie Goulding at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 London. Archive Photo © Frank John for

After a quiet August what will be happening in September in Fame Fad? Further news on that below.

Photo above is Ellie Goulding (looking very good) at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards held early June this year,  just arriving at the event. Can’t remember what I said on the night to get her attention after literally just getting out of the car ( a knee jerk reaction shot) but a good shot none the less………………..1 second later she was gone with a last look over her shoulder (another shot)………she  didn’t hang around to have her photo taken by the other photogs and headed straight in.  She’s currently at No1 in the charts with her latest single BURN which has beat off names such as Lady Gaga in the process. That’s something.  A lot of talent here with her soft husky tones…………very unique vocals…..impressed is not the word………..hence her headline photo for this article!

Back to normal at Fame Fad for September. 2 film premieres in the first week of September including Diana portrayed by Naomi Watts which is already causing a stir pre release. Stirrings in Diva land also with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga due to appear at the Itunes Festivals at the Roundhouse in Camden which means they will be in town. Cheryl Cole and her new Rose tats causing a media stir are currently recording a new album, should be things happening  there soon as well.  Awards season kicks off also with some events in the pipeline.

Other news

Full Length Shots

After having a look around the site, currently the emphasis is on portrait and head shots but this will be changing with more emphasis on full length shots or fashion shots especially with the female stars (basically to get the clogs) but head shots and portraits will still feature strongly as that’s my thing. Looking at a new decent wider angle lens to achieve that aim (not cheap) as the current lens collection is not great for full length shots when stars are 3-6 feet away which is becoming increasingly the norm these days. Asking a star to take 4 steps backwards as I don’t have a wide angle zoom lens er  doesn’t really cut it…………. especially with the A listers.

Photo Updates

Previously photos were released the following day for an event but some weeks prior to August photos were released within 2 hours of the event on a trial basis. From September onwards this will be the new norm with photos from an event released within 1-2 hours after the event to rival the major photo wire services.

Notting Hill Carnival.

Was there last year, this year is a No show from me. Search on this site for last years pics, doubt if this year will be any different in photo terms!

1 Direction Premiere

Did promise to be at the 1 direction premiere for  photos. I was there with everything but the kitchen sink but couldn’t get in (tried every trick in the book). Heard the screaming, saw the tears, saw the crowds,  heard the Security guards shouting “You in the purple dress stop climbing and  get down of the security screening”  (8ft high). It was chaos worse than the final Twilight premiere. All I can say is Directioners 1 Fame Fad Nil

Should be back late this week if not def very early Sept at one of the premiere’s

As always watch for further news and of course more amazing? celebrity pics!

Fame Fad will be changing in content format from next week 10 September after being pretty dormant for 3 months and will become more photo focused as in a photo blog with photos provided by yours truly most of the time instead of merely a celebrity news blog with the odd out of date photo added to spice things up a bit. A taste of what is heading your way has been happening sporadically over the last few weeks and months.

So if you’re after the latest news on Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry romance? and whether Tulisa has dyed her hair back from blonde or whether Cheryl Cole has her arm in a cast or not after the recent car crash with Will.I.Am you will be in the wrong place as from next week. There’s literally thousands of websites out there now that write about that stuff and the net is saturated with it, with every man and his dog setting up websites, so I recommend you go to one of those.

BUT (more…)

Lily Allen arrives at 2012 Glamour Women of the Year Awards. London

Lily Allen arrives at 2012 Glamour Women of the Year Awards. London. Photo by FJ/Fame Fad


What’s going to be happening this Diamond Jubilee Weekend at Fame Fad? It’s going to be a play it by ear weekend, as I’m writing this true to Brit form it’s raining in London and the forecast for that massive boat cavalcade down the Thames on Sunday is a complete washout apparently, but weather forecasters don’t always get it right.

There’s other things going on Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday and the weather may be better on those days. I’m off for 4 days so not involved in anyway with these Royal events (need a break) so any pics from me look to be limited at present and of a more personal nature if I do venture out, but we’ll have something here on this site to commemerate this special event in some shape or form via me or third party sources. Apparently only Queen Victoria has managed to reach this Royal milestone and have an event like this……………..and whether you are a fan of the Royals (not the Royles) or not, this really is a once in a lifetime thing where all eyes around the world will be on this town and it will be in YOUR face whether you like it or not.

To keep Fame Fad visitors occupied I will be launching (more…)

Kelly Brook on the Red Carpet in a little black number

Kelly Brook on the Red Carpet in a little black number

The 2012 Arqiva British Academy Television Awards were held last night at the Royal Festival Hall (May 27) in London and a couple of stars turned up for this. When we say a couple, we joke, we mean masses of stars turned out for this one, the red carpet was heaving!. A red carpet celebrity spotters dream with Brit stars from TV and beyond, most were here in some shape or form. The red carpet wasn’t even red it was in the form of a Union Jack.

A quick scan through the arrivals guest list in alphabetical order produces names such as Amy Childs, Davina McCall, Dominic West, Emilia Fox, Emily Watson, Fearne cotton, Holly Willoughby, Jennifer Saunders, Kelly Brook, Leigh Francis, Michelle Keegan, Rolf Harris . There were many, many more that was just skimming the surface..

Kelly Brook red carpet photo above taken at a completely different event!

Who was rocking it on the red carpet. For yours truly it was a toss up between Amy Childs and Kelly Brook, both were showstoppers in different ways, fashionistas may have different ideas and as I keep saying, I haven’t got the first idea about red carpet fashion.

Fame Fad News. The owner of this website is currently elsewhere at present working on an ongoing important new business project/contract that is running till Mid 2012 and has absolutely nothing to do with Fame Fad and requires 100% of my time (stuff that pays the mortgage and puts bread on the table sort of thing). Skeleton news updates in the meantime and FJ Mobile news updates have been scrapped until I return. BUT, if there is a major event on, I am aware of it and  it will be covered, but just not in a timely manner as usual, but coverage will be released probably the following day. I’m here, but not here, if you get my meaning? Feel free to check out other celeb websites in the meantime, (can’t stop you doing that and don’t blame you)  but I can guarantee you’ll be back Mid Summer 2012!!! Watch for further news!


Full photos and Winners from the Event below. (more…)