Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Wisin and Yandel for her latest smouldering outing in a song called ‘Follow The Leader’ which sees her parading in the infamously exotic Acapulco in Mexico in a music video for their joint track.

In summary being chased by manic men on the streets, building jumping, scantily clad bed scenes and tat and body art flashing are part of the J Lo music video thrill ride. You know the usual thing. If you thought she was hanging up her microphone, think again.

Full review of the vid and song later today. Further details and music video link available at the Jennifer Lopez Twitter Page @JLo Can’t miss it!

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Another song that can be tagged “at last”. Justin Biebers new song called “Boyfriend” premiered late on Thursday US time which equated to about 2am UK Time. No Thank You,  it’s headlining here at 8am!

Yes the official full length non teaser video is finally here, the misery and waiting is over and this is the first single from the upcoming album and the video was shot in LA as fans will already be aware, not that long ago either. Let’s take a closer look and put this through it’s paces.

The Video.

A now rather grown up Justin Bieber who can drive convertibles with plenty of shots of him (more…)

At long last it’s here the Cheryl Call My Name official video. You’ve heard the song, seen the stills and even the teaser. Grab the real deal below at foot of this article courtesy Cheryl’s Vevo channel. A full review later today!

Cheryl Cole Call My Name Official Video via Capital FM

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EXTRA  Review

Let’s put Cheryl and this song and video through the griller.

The Video:
Starts with the line “The only way to a womans heart is a long path of torment“.

Deep. Very deep (more…)

Some Music News. Lana Del Rey has a new single and the official video surfaced a couple of days ago via her official You Tube and it’s called “Carmen”. It’s taken off her rather cheerfully titled “Born to Die” Album. This article was on my phone yesterday half written but ended up being subjected to what can only be described as “celebrity blogger error”. Blame Mr Efron and The Lucky One Premiere for that. Chaos!

Now that the Efron storm has passed back to this vid as she needs to be on this site. It’s a rather clever video and intermixed in the video are scenes from the 1950s and early 60s with (more…)

After a month of rumours, mysteries and photos of Cheryl in tropical print clobber and matching clogs are we anywhere nearer hearing this mystical single called ‘Call My Name’ …It looks like FINALLY we are .

Capital FM decided to put us out of our misery and air played this musical wonder from the National Treasure this morning. Get the fans response and further details plus the air play vid here.

Cheryl Cole or as she is called now “Cheryl” Call My Name Full Song Video

So with the song sorted (more…)

Cheryl Cole and this new single “Call My Name” is causing total media chaos with photos released earlier today from the video shoot and also stills from the official music video. Please don’t tell me it’s the 10 second teasers next?

If you are a hardcore fan you will have already seen these earlier today but if you missed the mad panic earlier on grab the photos from the link below of a fit and toned and colourful big haired Cheryl in action on her new single “Call My Name”.  We don’t have the photos BUT (more…)

It’s amazing what you find on your travels when you have a good old grope around on the net. Matt Toka has a new single out called simply “Get Money”,  and the official video came out on 2 April. Morbid curiosity got me hitting the play button to find out more?

The video according to the official Matt Toca You Tube Channel states

“Most music videos flaunt the excess spending and decadent lifestyles………………………
This is about looking at what you have and being thankful instead of looking at what other people have and wanting more”

Deep………. but what do we think of the song/vid?

The Verdict.

Applying the 20 seconds rule, I was intrigued and carried on watching. (more…)

The burning question for Twi Hards is when is the online version of Breaking Dawn 2 being released? We’ve seen the teaser and the official trailer was out yesterday but you had to go to the flicks and watch ‘The Hunger Games’ to see it? Great!

Having a quick poke around has produced an answer

“Monday, 3 a.m. PST,” info courtesy Lionsgate
officially confirmed to us that’s according to E Online

Short and sweet is the trailer with Bella showing off her blood sucking skills. When it surfaces it will be here and probably everywhere!


Official Trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2  just released today 26 March Video 

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A double Katy Perry headline. Katy Perry was spotted late yesterday at Roissy/Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. She’s got a busy week this week with her official video world premiere of “Part of Me” coming out very very soon and of course the resulting promo run that this generates

Getting a lot of interest in Katy at present with her new video shots showing her as a crack commando in her new military themed video. She’s had a bit of a rocky start to the year which needs no explaining but it looks like she is bouncing back with this new number. The Live Lounge performance (more…)

Katy Perry and her new single ‘Part of Me’ which was shot in February will have it’s video world-premiere for the track during “MTV First: Katy Perry” on Wednesday,
March 21, at 7:23 p.m. ET on MTV.

Before the premiere of “Part of Me,” a tease of the clip will air on “VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live” on March 21 at 10 a.m. ET/ PT Stateside.

Further details at MTV

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