Naomi Campbell spotted leaving the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Photo: frank John for

IMG 0656b Naomi Campbell and Celebrity Spotting London. Photos

Naomi Campbell spotted leaving the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Photo: © Frank John for

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was spotted in Covent Garden leaving the Royal Opera House today 26 September after attending The Face Screening. Shrowded by security, just managed to snatch a couple of shots before she got in her car and headed off in a puff of smoke. All over in a matter of seconds!

Some bonus pictures that have been sat on since Wednesday also included of two boy band members from Union J arriving at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith for the latest Celebrity Juice show including Josh Cuthbert and Jaymi Hensley.

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A possibly busy week next week?

 Naomi Campbell and Celebrity Spotting London. Photos[

Jamie Oliver arrives at BAFTA HQ on Piccadilly in Central London. Photo: Frank John for

IMG 0601b Jamie Oliver and Celebrity Spotting Piccadilly, London. Photos.

Jamie Oliver arrives at BAFTA HQ on Piccadilly in Central London. Photo: © Frank John for

What initially started as a celebrity spotting session at ITV Studios on the Southbank (Surprise Surprise) ended up as a celebrity spotting session on Piccadilly at BAFTA HQ where an event was going on and apparently a few stars would be turning up thanks to a tip from a grapher (see pic)

Dexter Fletcher was first to arrive, followed by names such as Samantha Barks (Les Miserables), David Tennant, Mark Strong and Jamie Oliver and more. Missed Victoria Pendleton!! Missed her getting out of the car (had her hair different) , stood at the entrance and she was staring back on the stairs as if to say “are you going to take a picture or not” then she was gone? That’s the way it goes in this game…………you can’t win them all!

Gone for Jamie Oliver on the night as the headline shot but the Samantha Barks shots are on the money.

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Richard Hammond arrives at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London. Photo: Frank John for

IMG 0195a Richard Hammond Spotting Hammersmith, London, Photos

Richard Hammond arrives at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London. Photo: © Frank John for

A trip to Hammersmith produced a few pics of Richard Hammond of Top gear fame aka “The Hamster” who was spotted arriving at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith in West London to appear live on the latest edition of Celebrity Juice today Wednesday 11 September.

Only 1 photog there………. and that was me. Some big names in town including Rihanna and Miley Cyrus …..that’s the reason why!

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IMG 9227b Robin Thicke Spotting at BBC Radio 1 London. Photos

Robin Thicke sighted at BBC Radio 1 Central London Photo: © Frank John for

Robin Thicke was spotted this lunchtime at BBC Radio 1 in central London. A lot of attractive swooning women were floating around hoping to catch a glimpse so thought it might be a good idea to hang around a bit. A bit being the operative word which turned out to be 2 hours!

A few shots of him coming out of Radio 1 and signing autographs before he headed off. He’s on his promo run after his now famous No1 saucy hit Blurred Lines.

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IMG 8782b Taylor Schilling Spotting Central London. Photos

Taylor Schilling Sighted at BBC Radio 2 on 27 June 2013. Photo: © Frank John for

A rapid visit to Radio 2 on Thursday 27 January produced the US Actress Taylor Schilling on a promo run. Arrived about 2 minutes before she came out the door with my camera firmly packed away in my bag which resulted in mass panic to set the camera gear up. Too late she was out so just pulled the camera out of the bag and used no flash and just managed to grab her attention before she got in her vehicle.

Taylor Schilling is known for her roles Dark Matter, The Lucky One and most recently starred in Ben Afflecks Argo. No product endorsement intended with coffee? Focus just slightly off on these due to the panic scenario but good enough not to be missed!

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IMG 7180c Lewis Hamilton and Celebrity Spotting at the ITV Studios London

A speed blurred moment shot of Lewis Hamilton visiting the ITV Studios in Central London. Grainy heavy Crop shot hence the IQ. Photo Frank J for

A few pap shots taken from a visit a couple of days ago (Thursday Evening 25 April) that have been sitting on camera. These were taken from a casual visit at the ITV Studios on the Southbank via the rear entrance. Meat Loaf was supposed to be arriving hence the visit.

Casual is the operative word here and managed to get a rather grainy but passable shot of a nano second moment of Lewis Hamilton giving us a wave (heavy cropping shot only good for web use) taken in machine gun mode. The quality is absolutely awful but it’s such a good shot…………it just had to be here. Lewis Hamilton walks as fast as he drives in Formula 1 trust me on that! Question is, is he taking a picture of me with that phone? Also American stand up comedian Reginald D Hunter taken moments earlier at the ITV Studios rear entrance, who came over to have his picture taken and sign a few autographs. No Meat Loaf shots as had to leave at 7pm sharp to be somewhere else.

Results of the ITV Studios pap photo session below. All shots are crops hence the reduced IQ but they are good candids hence the inclusion here!

Reginal D Hunter  Spotting ITV Studios Central London. Pap Pics (more…)

IMG 7144b Bruce Forsythe Spotting Central London. Photos

Bruce Forsythe leaving BBC Radio 2 in Central London

Bruce Forsythe was sighted in Central London earlier today visiting BBC Radio 2 for a chat and interview.  Just happened to be in the area? In his usual  good mood with his on form wit and banter but wasn’t up for doing his famous trademark pose. We’ll try next time?

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