Adele Close Up in Black and White

Adele Close Up in Black and White

Adele continues her march in the music awards stakes, if there is a music awards event out there she is normally picking up a gong somewhere along the line. Well she picked up more than one at this event, she totally dominated the proceedings and led the way with a huge haul, Top Artist being the one to win and Adele nailed that one along with many others. Good to see superior talent being recognised in a big way as these sort of singers don’t come along very often! A collection of photos taken inside the event and after the red carpet arrivals (see previous post for those shots) .

Photos taken from the actual Show itself with presenters and live performances along with some Press Room photos of the award winners holding their musical trophies, some sneaky Backstage pics seeing who was pally with who.

Winners on the night included the previously mentioned Katy Perry along with LMFAO who were also prominent along with Lady Gaga and Coldplay. all decent names you expect to win at least one award at such an event..

Performances included Kelly Clarkson of now Super Bowl National Anthem fame and Carrie Underwood who both did a live sample of their new singles, The Wanted also blasted out a tune , Usher and Justin Bieber thought it would be a good idea to perform on stage as well. Full 2012 Billboard Music Awards Winners list in Part 2. It’s massive!

2012 Billboard Music Awards Winners List (more…)

A name that has been quiet for a while and one that makes me laugh is Cat Deeley, she’s a bit of a character. A photo of her with a fire extinguisher, hat and heels in a hotel room always springs to mind when I think of Cat. Further details in an article about a year or so old here that sheds some further interesting light!

With that article in mind Cat looks to have landed a new job as host for the new celebrity dating show called The Choice.

According to the Evening Standard the Show is along these lines:

“The programme will feature four famous men who will listen to regular girls talk about why they’re the right woman for them before they spin around to see their prospective date. Each of the celebrity’s chairs will come complete with a love handle that, when pulled, show each guy’s romantic interest.”

In appearance terms its comparable to The Voice (more…)

Matt Le Blanc aka Joey from the classic TV series Friends and more recently Episodes is in town and was spotted today heading to the Radio 1 studios in London. The shades were on in a decked in sunshine London.He’s an absolute scream.

With his TV show Episodes , a joint production between the BBC and US network Showtime proving a success as it has been sold to more than 150 countries. If that’s not success what is.

So a Season Two is on it’s way and will premiere July 1 on Showtime over in the States and is expected to air on BBC Two during roughly the same period hence the Matt Le Blanc visit.

Paparazzi photos of Matt Le Blanc visiting Radio 1 in London. Photos


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No sooner has Cheryl as she prefers to be called now launched her new single with corresponding album just around the corner she says things are now back on with Girls Aloud as well.

On a miserable morning in London Cheryl Cole defied the weather to appear on the Radio 1 Chris Moyles Show to have a chat.

Apparently to mark 10 years in the music biz Girls Aloud will be back in November with a bang with of course Cheryl in the line up.

Simon Cowell chats, new music info and more at Chris Moyles show interview audio only

EXTRA: (more…)

The Revlon Concert For The Rainforest Fund 2012 was held last night in Carnegie Hall in New York and this charity fund raiser event had all sorts of names from music and the silver screen performing live to raise money for this worthy cause. Proving that celebrity life isn’t just about awards, red carpet events and parties but also about putting something back in charity terms. Every celebrity has to have a cause……….it’s an unwritten  Fame thing………………but it’s very much  there none the less

2012 Concert For The Rainforest Fund – Show

There were performances from Meryl Streep, Chaning Tatum, Sting, Bruno Mars, Elton John and Jennifer Hudson amongst others performing famous songs from the silver screen and Bill Clinton (more…)

The Titanic 3D world premiere took place at the Royal Albert Hall last night. A special night, Kate Winslet was there, so was the Director James Cameron of Avatar fame plus others but no Leo. WHY?

According to a source close to the actor and according to The Hollywood Reporter DiCaprio could not attend the premiere because he’s been busy in Lousiana filming Quentin Tarantino’s latest film called Django Unchained.

The film is set in the 1800s and also stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Christopher Waltz. DiCaprio portrays a plantation owner named Calvin Candie who keeps the main character, Django (Foxx), as a slave.

Surely he could have got a day or two off for this though? Obviously not!


According to Movieline Leonardo DiCaprio (more…)

A lot of interest and a certain amount of intrigue was surrounding Kim Kardashian yesterday after she arrived in Paris. She was obviously there for Paris Fashion Week as are most of the other stars, the question is  which fashion show was she particularly interested in. 

Big name designers with the corresponding celebrities in attendance were on yesterdaysuch as the  Chanel and Valentino  shows   (click on links for front row photos) but this didn’t seem to grab the attention of  KK, so what’s her thing?

The nail biting is over and the results are in and it turns out Kim Kardashian was spotted late yesterday attending the (more…)

Lindsay Lohan visited the ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ Show at the Rockefeller Center last night on March 1 in New York City and has recently been also on The today Show.. She’s being watched this one by this site, other celebrity bloggers, the media, film and TV companies and the law are also watching her very very closely. Everybody is watching and she knows. She’s recently appeared in court (again), we had photos but didn’t go with them as it was a case of “more of the same” or “same old same old”.

BUT is she on the turn………we’ve heard that one before? An appearance on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ and The Today Show is not “more of the same” and something is going on? Seem to remember reading somewhere that she has had enough of partying (to excess anyway) and that her jail (more…)

Love or loathe the show but when a reality TV show like Jersey Shore now into season 5 starts producing spin offs like say ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ you know they must be doing something right?

Cue the new show featuring J Woww (Jenni Farley) and Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) which will be called “Snooki and JWoww vs. the World,” which is
going to follow the two as they live their lives in Jersey City.

Filming started this weekend with sightings of the pair who could be seen on Mercer Street in Downtown Jersey City in Snooki’s black and pink Cadillac Escalade. Initial filming started Saturday, but the first full day of filming was on Sunday according to Jersey City Police Lt. Edgar Martinez. Information courtesy Jersey Journal.

Grab the full story fromThe Jersey Journal here

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The 2012 Oscars, The 84th Academy awards or just simply The Oscars as you are probably aware were held last night and the show was hosted by Billy Crystal were held held at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, California. Normally this event is held at the Nokia Theatre, it looks like this year they fancied a change. They stuck with Billy Crystal again, no Ricky Gervais here…………..doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

If you missed the show then these photos are the highlights from that show showing some good shots from inside the event including the stage, audience and presenters and of course the recpients of those awards and the all important normally dramatic, disastrous or emotional or all 3 combined  acceptance speeches (more on that later). See Meryl Streep and the 2012 Academy Awards. Winners List and Press Room Photos!
for the full list of winners and Press Room Photos

Presenters at the event included: (more…)