IMG 9227b Robin Thicke Spotting at BBC Radio 1 London. Photos

Robin Thicke sighted at BBC Radio 1 Central London Photo: © Frank John for

Robin Thicke was spotted this lunchtime at BBC Radio 1 in central London. A lot of attractive swooning women were floating around hoping to catch a glimpse so thought it might be a good idea to hang around a bit. A bit being the operative word which turned out to be 2 hours!

A few shots of him coming out of Radio 1 and signing autographs before he headed off. He’s on his promo run after his now famous No1 saucy hit Blurred Lines.

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IMG 8782b Taylor Schilling Spotting Central London. Photos

Taylor Schilling Sighted at BBC Radio 2 on 27 June 2013. Photo: © Frank John for

A rapid visit to Radio 2 on Thursday 27 January produced the US Actress Taylor Schilling on a promo run. Arrived about 2 minutes before she came out the door with my camera firmly packed away in my bag which resulted in mass panic to set the camera gear up. Too late she was out so just pulled the camera out of the bag and used no flash and just managed to grab her attention before she got in her vehicle.

Taylor Schilling is known for her roles Dark Matter, The Lucky One and most recently starred in Ben Afflecks Argo. No product endorsement intended with coffee? Focus just slightly off on these due to the panic scenario but good enough not to be missed!

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IMG 8693b Joss Stone and Celebrity Spotting London. Photos

Joss Stone sighting at BBC Radio 2 Central London on 25 June 2013. Photo © Frank John for

A quick visit to BBC Radio 2 in Central London yesterday afternoon ( 25 June) produced a Radio DJ in the form of Greg James and big name music star that’s coming back into the fray in the form of Joss Stone. A few paparazzi style shots were the result.

Joss Stone was busy doing  some promoting according to her driver and confirmed by her dog in the back of her car (no photo)

Managed to get her as she came flying out of Radio 2 past the autograph hunters and straight into her car. With just a nano second for a couple of arty shots taken across her car roof where she gave a nice smile and then she was off into the sunset in a puff of smoke. We’re talking 4 or 5 seconds tops here in total.

Bizarrely I was the only photog there so these shots could be classed as exclusive.

Have to say 3 things about Joss Stone after this high speed meeting.
1. She’s looking good.
2. Beautiful Smile and Thankyou
3. She’s damn fast!

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miranda hart IMG 8206 Miranda Hart Spotting Central London. Photo

Miranda Hart Close Up shot of her arriving at BBC Radio 2. Photo: Frank John for

Miranda Hart spotted at Radio 2 this morning in Central London heading in for an  interview recording session.

Just a couple of quick (and I mean quick) close up shots ( about 3 -4 feet away) of Miranda Hart with shades taken whilst she was heading towards me at a rapid rate of knots. Bailed out after this shot. Is that a Boris Bike in the background? She arrived in a chauffeured Merc in case you’re wondering! Check out her photo also at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 held on Tuesday 4 June in the previous post.

Get some  more Miranda Hart. Check out an All behind the scenes features from the season 1 dvd Video  Also grab her on Twitter

Miranda Hart Spotting Central London Gallery


jared leto IMG 7198b Jared Leto sighting at BBC Radio 1 London. Photo

Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars sighted at BBC Radio 1 in Central London. Photo Frank John for

Jared Leto was sighted on 30 April leaving BBC Radio 1 in Central London in shades, black leather and hoodie mode. All hush hush and low profile. Sometimes going ultra low profile has the opposite effect when you are a celeb! 1 photo only. Bit of a wrestling match with other photogs to get even this photo.

He was on a promo run for his latest 30 Seconds to Mars video for the new single called “Up in the Air”. It stars Dita Von Teese along with Zebras…………… amongst many other things?

Confused? Grab the “Up in The Air” offical video

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IMG 7144b Bruce Forsythe Spotting Central London. Photos

Bruce Forsythe leaving BBC Radio 2 in Central London

Bruce Forsythe was sighted in Central London earlier today visiting BBC Radio 2 for a chat and interview.  Just happened to be in the area? In his usual  good mood with his on form wit and banter but wasn’t up for doing his famous trademark pose. We’ll try next time?

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IMG 6609b Jessie J and Tom Jones Spotting London. Photos

Jessie J gives the sign it’s all systems go whilst leaving BBC Radio 2 in Central London

The Voice 2013 now into Series 2,  according to sources will be back on 30 March. Tom Jones and Jessie J two of The Voice judges were spotted leaving BBC Radio 2 in Central London on Wednesday Evening. Was just walking by and  in the area with something resembling a decent camera to catch the vibe amongst the judges which was handy AGAIN!

Verdict: The vibe was good as can be seen from the photos!

Jessie J and Tom Jones spotting Gallery (more…)

IMG 6466b Frankie Sandford and The Saturdays Spotting London. Photos

Close Up of Frankie Sandford (Vanessa White in the background) outside BBC Radio 1 in Central London

Frankie Sandford and the rest of the Girl Group The Saturdays were spotted visiting Radio 1 in Central London on Monday 4 March (just happened to be in the area with a camera or 2). They had an afternoon interview with Greg James.  Something was going down but what?

On Twitter the Saturdays had this to say.
Too much fun misbehaving on @BBCR1 with @gregjames! PS: love you guys for getting #SatsOnRadioOne trending x

Why were they visiting Radio 1? The answer is below from their latest Twitter update

Exciting day ahead!!! Shooting the music video for our next single. And it’s a miiiiiighty tune, if we do say so ourselves! Ha! X

How did the girls look on the day?  Verdict: very much on the money!

The Saturdays Spotting Visiting Radio 1 Monday March 4 Full Size Gallery (more…)