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Cher Lloyd in shades!

The future is so bright you gotta wear shades! If you follow Cher Lloyd on Twitter you will know that recently things are buzzing on her time line and chatting with fans more so than in the past which tells you that behind the scenes in Cher Lloyd land things are happening and she’s getting excited. And so are we!

She recently was at the Channel 4 T4 studios for an interview and this should be broadcast on T4 on Saturday in the UK or definitely this weekend.. Correct me on Twitter if I’m wrong there. Another brit star Nicola Roberts also is on performing her new number apparently on the Sat show.

Cher Lloyd  has the image of being a bit of a “brat” and her fans call themselves BRATS amongst other names but according to the people in the T4 studios including Jameela Jamil (mentioned on Twitter) they say she’s a very very nice person and nothing like the media portrays her at all!

She’s recently been added to the T4 on the Beach live event coming up soon (next month) which also includes names such as Olly Mursand JLS, so she’s up there already before she’s even started.

Music wise things look to be kicking off next week with Swagger Jagger looking to be released (love that  name) to get the ball rolling hence the T4 interview. Rumour has it this was leaked in partial form and from what has been heard of it, it sounds decent………apparently…… but we wouldn’t know about such things?. Of course if we can get hold of  this new number in official form it will be here and on Twitter sharpish, but we have a feeling fans will probably be a nano second ahead of us staying up all night waiting for it’s release.

Our money is on this one as she is entering a niche market here with very little competition and judging by the buzz she is generating on Twitter (she’s on 400K followers and rising rapidly ) and with the media she’s already hot stuff and the single isn’t even out yet. She’s new, fresh, interesting and with original ideas.

Cher Lloyd has our backing here and we are watching closely and have been since X Factor. The future looks bright and the shades are on. Follow Cher on Twitter ………………..she’s a scream!

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